7/07/2009 01:43:00 PMBriana Latrise

YCI said...
"this is what is wrong with us black people as a whole.. no compassion and think its cool to be HARD and uncaring.. Some people should just learn how to keep their mouths shut and be respectful.. mourning someone is not weak.. being disrespectful and making fun of those who do mourn, is weak.. and it is obvious you are VERY WEAK.. i mean, this is the girl that punched some one in the face over WORDS.. well the same passion you had because of those WORDS, is the same passion MJ brings to millions of people with his words.. only difference is his words encourage us to be better people not knock someone out! good luck with your anger issues.. MJ FOREVER!"

My Response:
"others should learn to mind they own damn business huh? lol... I'm not trying to be HARD or without compassion. My entry was NOT about MJ's death... or MJ at all... it's about the fact that there is sooooomuch wrong with the world and people only seem to come together when we lose an entertainer or popular socialite or when something MONUMENTAL (Hurricane Katrina) happens....

There are plenty of things people should be crying over. MJ's death was sudden and is very sad. I think that as Nai said people should be celebrating his legacy and his music... not mourning. Smile... feel good... he's moved on to bigger and better hopefully... HOPEFULLY!

I was simply expressing my concerns about some of the people I KNOW who found it necessary to shed "tears" online or in public... Most people MOST LIKELY are sincerely feeling it... but life goes on. If you really feel MJ inspired change in you... then continue his legacy and inspire CHANGE in those around you. Inspire people to stop having babies if they're not going to care about them... inspire young people to stop having recreational sex... inspire people to eat better, live healthier, to just be BETTER!!!!


People really need to get their priorities together...

I love how people call me all kinds of ignorant bitches and douche bags and what not... and they tell me to stop pointing fingers... but as I said before... I KNOW I'M NOT PERFECT... that's #1

#2... I am the druggy fuck up kid who gave her mother hell at times... but if you ask her she'll tell you that I'm also the kid who CHOSE to ride her bike 1.4 miles to volunteer at an old folks home at age 11... AND recruited a friend or two to do it with her... (serving ice cream but still) I'm also the girl who at age 21 volunteered at an elementary school that couldn't afford books or to pay the teachers... the girl who came up out of her own struggles with life, self respect and self esteem to tutor those babies... the girl who takes in prostitutes to clothe them and feed them and attempt to inspire CHANGE in them. So until you really truly know me... you can speak on and feel some kind of way about the way i word the things I feel... but you can't say shhhheeeeeeiit about me as a person. Because you know nothing. lol...

All I was asking people to do is stay consistent with their "love" and "concern" and to maybe care about the people who weren't famous. Maybe then it'll inspire me to stay consistent with my own betterment. Maybe then, I'll stop gettin' mad and cursing at people on my blog and twitter... lol...

AND... If you don't have shit to say positive to counteract my negativity... go to bed... go read the gossip blogs you found me on...

AND IT'S STILL ALL LOVE... (even when I hate things... that's just the immature brat in me that didn't develop properly...)

SIDE NOTE: You have no idea what I punched my "lover" in the face over if you think it was just words... lol.

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6 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Some people were put on this earth as evangelicals. I believe God blessed us with you - to inspire and to help through your words and through your charity/love!!! CONTINUE to grow and be beautiful!!!!!

  2. You inspire me. To be better.

    I feel where you are coming from b/c it's a familiar place...down to the mom, volunteering, tearing your world down then independently building it up...only for a man you trusted and cared abt to make it all so public & humiliating?! Yeah...been there.

    You're learning and you're growing...that's what's important. Don't let the negative energy consume you...be you. Do you. Fuck em.

  3. i'm honored you decided to repost my comments. must have struck a nerve.. lol. anyway, i know i don't know you personally.. Thank God.. but i was just responding to your rude twitter and blog comments i saw.. Telling people to unfollow you because you don't like oversensitive people was a bit hoarse. you were being a serious asshole to people because, in your mind, their priorities weren't straight?! give me a break.. people dont need you to tell them what their priorities should be. if they want to cry, and pay homage to a great person who died, so be it.. bringing your negative energy isnt necessary. it's pointless and selfish.. you could have kept that to yourself for at least another day.. but i guess you had to "keep it real" huh? whatever.. sounds like an attention whore to me..
    respect.. ever heard of it? it's funny how people always WANT respect but never want to GIVE it..
    as for the "punch in the face" i could give two shits what it was about.. all i know is you reacted in VIOLENCE.. another problem in our weak black community.. we would rather fight and kill each other than walk away.. smh..
    if my comments are insensitive, well thats too bad.. i believe in treating people how they treat me and others.. when someone has no compassion for people hurting for the loss of someone, whoever it may be,celebrity or not, they gets no love.. you feel me? maybe you can understand better in slang form.. in closing all that needs to be said is: learn some fucking respect! enuff said..

  4. dam bri , this was madd deep...if only ignorant people saw past your ignorance...lol...i only say that because EVERY1 is ignorant in their own way...and everyone has a calling...certain peoples defaults are brought to the front either by them or the public and their calling is overshadowed by the bad...it takes someone who really appreciates REAL to get you....your a strong woman and you have more knowlege in you than alot of these harvard grad , or "smart people" out here...keep it up bri...i hope u got me on that ignorant thing i explained..i wouldnt want it to sound like an insult ..cuz it wasnt ...but i no u got me...ttyl...

  5. Ha!!! Go to bed!!!! YCI... u have WAAAAAAAAY 2 much time on your hands... and for someone who disapproves of me and my blog you spend a lot of that time on my blog... why don't you instead spend it volunteering somewhere... do something to better society... lol.


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