Seriously...? The JACKSON 3????

7/15/2009 01:04:00 AMBriana Latrise


"Why, Why..." Why you gon' exploit the babies? - *singing in my MJ voice*

IDK what to say about this one other than:::
The older I get... the more I see this sick sad little world for what it really is. I feel sorry for the future. I can only hope that the world as I know it now is destroyed and rebuilt on a stronger, more pure foundation made of love. Especially so that people like me (quick to anger) will be the worst thing we have to worry about. But the greed, and the capitalism, the perversion and exploitation of all things beautiful, and wonderful, and great- it's making me crazy. Am I the only person who thinks like this? I can't be... I know there's a couple stoners eatin snack foods somewhere having lengthy discussions about these issues.. but doing nothing about it because they're stoned... I am no better.

I have to go finish writing this song now. Before I get side tracked... AGAIN.

SIDE NOTE: Why are his children white again? No one ever answered that...

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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. HAHAHA!!!
    "Why, Why..." Why you gon' exploit the babies? - *singing in my MJ voice*
    U r funny.
    His kids are white because..........they aint his!!!!!!
    damn shame..................

  2. Well...they're white cause they're not his O.O

    but why werent people doing all this complaining when he turned his kids into the little puppets called "Jackson 5" the 1st time around

    now niggas all butthurt...cause they're white

    are you a white supremacist briana? lol

  3. it's not even that big an issue (the white thing that is...). I just want to understand how we are expected to believe that one black person, and one white person make three white children.

    And I wasn't around to complain about the Jackson 5... and I probably wouldn't have anyway because it didn't seem like that bad an idea until people realized children should have a chance to grow into adults... or they become grown up children that play with children (PAUSE)... or drug addicted fuck ups... which ever shoe fits.

    oh! and M.I. ::: STFU! lol.

  4. I hear ya! If Joe Jackson hadn't exploited Michael enough, now he wants to exploit his kids. I think it's pathetic, because although MJ has a legacy, etc. He was also appeared to be a very quiet, timid man, who had no control over his life. Does Joe wanna screw up the granbabies too? Jheeze!

    Oh and in regards to the kids...who are they kidding? those kids is white (no problem with it) but he's a black man, regardless of his 'apparent' vitiligo, that doesn't mean he'll produce white babies! But, I do think at this time it's an inappropriate time to discuss the paternity to his kids, cos like his daughter said, he was the best daddy, and some of us who do have father's, can say 'I know he's my daddy but he was wack' so in that respect, well done for his parenting skills, however questionable they have been at times.


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