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SIDE BAR>>> Freddie Gibbs

7/28/2009 08:25:00 AMBriana Latrise

Out of Gary Indiana... blah blah blah!!!!

So, he's definitely gifted with the art of story-telling... and he's definitely NOT broke...

Freddie, I'm mad at you. Take this how ever which way you want but "Youse A BUSTER!" Straight up. You know damn well you could have gotten change last night. And don't come at me sideways... EVER.

It's still love. Imma blame your actions on the alcohol and you being from Gary, IN. Where the hell is Gary??? You always make it sound soooo hood... Never heard of it. Oh! Wait... just looked it up... 84% black or something like that... and 80 Homicides per 100,000 population... that's not bad... is it? 80 of 100,000... Oh... Just looked again, it DOES say "Murder Capitol of the World"... Lies...

LA has 37x the ppl (and is STILL predominantly white dammit!!!) than Gary and 17x the forcible rape... Random facts... IDK who thought giving me the internet was a good idea... but NOW I KNOW STUFF! lol...
White PPL 55.1%
Black PPL 7.6%
NATIVE AMERICANS: They just left like F* this... AZ and NM are where we at.... the White man killed most of us off anyway!!!
ASIAN PPL: 10.4% (Shouln't that say Oriental? I thought Asians were Indian...)
HISPANIC PPL: HA... 40.3% Duh... Thought you knew this was little TJ.

I'm kinda upset that there's more asians here than black ppl... I promise LA is still segregated if you didn't know. Most (NOT ALL) white ppl live either north of Pico, in Bev Hills, Hollywood and surrounding areas... Most "Negroes" live South of Pico: Mid-City, S. Cenral, Inglewood, Watts, Compton, and then they spread out East... (Not EAST LA... I mean the Inland Empire, as they call it... it's cheaper.) "Hispanics" or Natives as I call em just took they land back. They're EVERYWHERE... except where the whites live. But you see them there all the time cause they work there. And in EVERY kitchen. Dead ass.
Let me stop. I'm obviously bored. Oh... but before I go... Asians have their own towns DAMMIT!!!!!
Korea Town
China Town
Little Tokyo
WTF IS THAT???? We don't have a Baby Amastad Land! OH! Wait... I forgot... we got Little Ethiopia... extra emphasis on LITTLE. Thas janky... LMAO

I'm dumb... and sleepy... and late for this video shoot ALREADY! Damn...

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