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7/02/2009 02:42:00 AMBriana Latrise

I just read that last entry... I should have waited before I hit the publish button. "They" don't deserve that much recognition... but I already did it. lol...

On another note...
I'm still disappointed in Drake. I can't even pinpoint what the most disappointig factor is... could it be the lack of creativity in the video? Is it the cornyness- no... he's already a little square bearish (it's kinda cute though... I guess)... could it be all the boobies bouncing around in slow motion? Or that the opposing team's outfits were terrible and the girls were even worse at first glance? Is it the fact that all the girls on his team look nothing like his ex-girlfriend? Naw... it's def that corny ass timeout in the middle of the video where he told his "team" to "take the D"... hmmm... WHO'S DUMBASS TOLD YOU TO DO THAT? I know it wasn't you!!! You're better than that!!!!! (<--I'll bet that's be how my folks feel about my entire existence currently... lol) Anyway...
This looks like it's going to be an on-going thing. I forgive Drake and move on, then he does some fuck-shit again. Dammit... I'm tellin you it's the light skinned boys!!! They think they can get away with anything! *joke*

I'm gettin irritated at the fact that EVERYONE else can say any damn thing they want... but let ME speak MY mind and I'm the "Bad Girl". WTF kinda SH*T is that???? Guess it's just the way of the world. Good guys/girls finish last, "loose women" = open minded women, Gigolos are pimping, and WAIT-

Random Though Interjection 1: I should have tried harder to be a "good girl" or to be better at being good if that makes any sense.... remember "He who laughs last, laughs longest".

Random Thought Interjection 2: This song was annoyingly catchy... it just popped up in my head like a soundtrack to this blog entry... lame.


And closing thoughts::: DRAKE IS A GREAT ACTOR...

I obviously have a light weight "Thing" for him... not a lusty thing... ha... but like a "Thing" I cannot explain. I wanna say it's a light weight stalkerish thing since he knows me not... LMAO but I care. I'll leave it at that for now. In all honesty tho... I had a weird vision at my early ass dinner around about 1am... I told Twice the Rapper that Drake was going to assist in what I call "The Shift"... Remind me to tell ya'll about the shift. It's deep... and I'm sleepy. Early night tonight...

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Yea that video was mediocre at best...I was looking and wondering "Y are these chesticles bouncing around like that?!" It wasnt cute...I adore Drake tho...HOPEFULLY he comes better next time...


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  3. Briana-

    I think the concept of the video was dope, in all honesty. The fact that the "gorgeous" women lose to the team that is filled with "average" looking women is supposed to signify that the there are more women than just their body....which is why the well rounded team won.

    The line about taking the D...yeah that was a cute pun, i guess. Im sure the video could have been created better, but the fact remains its still a dope concept; there is more to a person, specifically in the context of the video, more to a woman than just a bang'n body.


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