7/07/2009 11:58:00 AMBriana Latrise

I promise you... all these jerks on twitter going so hard on the "Oh! Oh MJ... We love you!" GO THE FUCK TO BED!!!! You don't love Jesus as much as you love a man who did NOTHING but live and ENTERTAIN. He didn't kill himself to save your life... He just lived as he was. (Which I'm not mad at... he was great... I'm mad at the people... ) This world is truly a disgusting place and I'm f*in mad... I can't bring babies into a world where I might have to bitch slap his teacher for being a fuckin groupie!!! I don't want my kids idolizing PEOPLE.... that's trash.

[Just to keep it clear::: I AM NOT KNOCKIN' MJ!!!!! He did what ever he did... no problem... he was awesome at it too... I'm knockin the people that are talkin about him all day because it's the fucking trend. These people didn't give a sht about shit until it hit the news and became a "big deal".

You know why I didn't say shit about MJ's death... There ain't shit to say!!! It's sad but my life goes on as does yours and everyone else's. There are plenty of other people dying... but would you notice right now? NO!

I don't know... Imma pray for each and every one of us right now... this shit is just pathetic...

Let me know what I'm missing cause I just don't get this shit. I really don't. I may be crazy... but I can't be that damn crazy... I know that ya'll don't go to church, pray enough, praise enough, or give the Glory to Whom it should be given to... but you WILL ALL STOP DOING ANY & EVERYTHING TO WATCH THIS MAN'S MEMORIAL AND PRAISE HIM AND GLORIFY HIM ALL DAY!!! That's madness...

You know Icon... Idols... and such are like NOT okay in the eyes of God right?

Damn... this is ridiculous...

it just doesn't seem right.

Jesus please... help our people.

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  1. lmaoooo Yoo i Feels You To The fullest, Hes cool i never met him and its not like he died and took all his music with him.

  2. this is what is wrong with us black people as a whole.. no compassion and think its cool to be HARD and uncaring.. Some people should just learn how to keep their mouths shut and be respectful.. mourning someone is not weak.. being disrespectful and making fun of those who do mourn, is weak.. and it is obvious you are VERY WEAK.. i mean, this is the girl that punched some one in the face over WORDS.. well the same passion you had because of those WORDS, is the same passion MJ brings to millions of people with his words.. only difference is his words encourage us to be better people not knock someone out! good luck with your anger issues.. MJ FOREVER!

  3. I was raised on Michael Jackson, personally, so it was definitely a shock to find he's dead - and hell yeah I cried. To know that he touched lives of almost EVERYONE is amazing, and almost overwhelming. His presence will be missed, indeed, his kindness, his beautiful spirit, and you didn't have to know him personally to feel it. And you didn't have to know him personally to KNOW that he changed lives, and gave dancers, singers, shit, ANYONE hope.
    Personally, I'm not mourning him, I'm celebrating his legacy. Idolizing? Some may be... who knows, but most are appreciating who he was as a person, as a singer, dancer, entertainer, giver, lover .. as a man; just as I appreciate what Malcolm X did for me, or what boundaries Jackie Robinson crossed.
    I cried at Corretta Scott King's service as well; its not easy to lose a person who has touched the WORLD.

  4. others should learn to mind they own damn business huh? lol... I'm not trying to be HARD or without compassion. My entry was NOT about MJ's death... or MJ at all... it's about the fact that there is sooooomuch wrong with the world and people only seem to come together when we lose an entertainer or popular socialite or when something MONUMENTAL (Hurricane Katrina) happens....

    There are plenty of things people should be crying over. MJ's death was sudden and is very sad. I think that as Nai said people should be celebrating his legacy and his music... not mourning. Smile... feel good... he's moved on to bigger and better hopefully... HOPEFULLY!

    I was simply expressing my concerns about some of the people I KNOW who found it necessary to shed "tears" online or in public... Most people MOST LIKELY are sincerely feeling it... but life goes on. If you really feel MJ inspired change in you... then continue his legacy and inspire CHANGE in those around you. Inspire people to stop having babies if they're not going to care about them... inspire young people to stop having recreational sex... inspire people to eat better, live healthier, to just be BETTER!!!!


  5. The Lauryn Hill was so appropriately funky...luv your style, chica.

    And no, you're not crazy. People jst mourn in different ways...jst like ppl get in where they fit in, whether it's dick ridin on Twitter or otherwise...IGG THEM MOFO's. I unfollow and BLOCK ppl all the time w/out even saying a word to them.

    I mean cyber beef is jst that...CYBER. Fuck em. What's wrong and fucks me all up is when ppl let the cyber world consume their fake reality and kick the REAL ppl in their lives in the gut..

  6. Yea its one thing to acknowledge a person's work and contributions it's another thing to worship. People WORSHIP MJ...It's people that "reportedly" killed themselves b/c Mike died...REALLY?! People are overdoing it and the media is running w/it like they do EVERYTHING. People that I have NEVER heard mention Mike's name have called me sobbing...A lotta people aren't "mourning" their doing what the media tell them to that's "weak"...


  7. the last comment by Britt sums up what i said to you a day ago, brianna.. black people think it's "weak" to show emotion.. SMH

  8. THANK YOU..for clearing this dead serious...people wouldnt act that way if u told them the date jesus was coming back..thas jus plain crazy....ur wonderfully refreshing in the "smart" category...thanks./.


  9. YES YES YES, when you said that you were mad because people were talkin about mike just because it was the cool thing to do, i swear i felt like you were reading my mind or something. heads that have never really fucked with mike are all of the sudden buying michael jackson posters and his whole discography just because its the fad of the weak an thats fucking wack as fuck. i feel every word of this blog mama, stay up.....


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