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YB the Rockstar... DOPENESS!!!

7/29/2009 11:59:00 AMBriana Latrise

DownLoad Mohawks and Heavy Metal...

My personal favs:::
3. Get Up Outta Here
4.Rock N Roll ft. Cik. Money
5.What U Put That On
7. Hat 2 The Side
8. You (Cause he talkin bout me... *jokes* but whoever he talkin bout has freckles AND dimples... C'mon Now!!! You know he saw the video of me punchin that little rapper boy and got all hot and bothered. He was stupid juiced so he wrote a song about me... lol... well, that's my theory and I'm stickin to it.)
9. F*ck B*tches, Get Money
10. Back to the Money
11. Money...
f*ck... just listen... u tell me what u think...

Ya Boy or simply just YB, is from the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California. He is a cousin of Bay Area rappers San Quinn, Messy Marv and Champ Bailey (San Quinn's little brother).
2005, "Rookie of the Year" first album... also, Ya Boy released his first solo mixtape Future of the Franchise, followed by his debut album Rookie of the Year on Quinn's label Done Deal Entertainment.
2006 he began an affiliation with Black Wall Street
2007, he released the single "Holla at Ya Boy" produced by Cool & Dre for the album of the same name and a mixtape called Chapter 1: The Rise produced by DJ Skee.
"The Facelift" is to be released in October 2009.


He is stupid talented... lyrical ability is endless...

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