All Hip Hop got me...

8/24/2009 07:40:00 PMBriana Latrise

I look beat down. For real. Sad... sad story. BUT!!! In my defense!!! I was working... and around a bunch of dudes... who get's dressed to impress for PA/Assistant work? Exactly. And please, allow me to be cocky for a half a second... if I did get dressed... it might have hurt a few people's feelings... BWAHAHAAHAHAAAAA *jokes*... anyhoo.... I look retarded as usual. But I like it this way. Hennessy and Vodka... sad sad mix...(that's the night I passed out at the Mc Donald's drive thru) all work and no play means painful sleep. So I play a little and then pass out. Lol...

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4 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Ayo, Ok so this is corny ass hell but Fcuk it, they do it in the movies, I was checkin for you at the cafe on Sunday. Like before I even knew 2 cents worth of anything about you. Luckily I was paying attention to ur mouth when you mentioned your blog spot. I even googled you SMHx4. Im taking some graphic design classes at Trade Tech and I would LIKE to call myself a photographer.... but im not, i dont think lol. Anyway you doing everything I WANT to be doing from the looks of things and I would like to wish you good luck, you have a lot coming to you thats for sure.

  2. yo fresh blog follow mine

  3. umm i have no idea where to start about this but i saw that allhiphop video and now niggas got lowkey crushes on you lol..but thats beside the point...seems like you like dope music and from what i heard, i ain't half bad wit this rap not tryna spam you or be on yo head like "Yo Yo Yo Yo Check Me Out Blah Blah Blah!!!"..Thats Hella Gay...Jus Check Out The Music When You Can & Hit Me Up With Feedback If You Got The Time...And Umm..You'll Probably See More Comments From Me Kuz I'm Addicted To The Blog Now...Peace..

  4. All that other shit in this video.....blah. But the Poetry. That's Where ur Center is. Chase it and Nurture. Give it Power, and it will Grow. I Guarentee it.



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