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8/10/2009 12:13:00 AMBriana Latrise

I have been soooo busy!!!!

I made a deal with myself. I told myself to make 50 dollars everyday, at the very least. If I can keep it consistent until I have enough to move to the East coast... then I won't have to get a 9 to 5. So far... I beat my goal by double each day. It's a good look. Hope it lasts. It keeps my days open. I usually only end up doing one hour of actual work... one to three anyway. The rest of my day I spend looking for new ways to make money or whatever I want to do. Once I get a consistent flow and a stable work space... I'll go back to perfecting my crafts...

Speaking of crafts...
Today... I had my first real little shot at acting. I did this little thing for some ABC show called Flash Forward. I enjoyed it. Acting is by no means easy. It's work. I was annoyed, hot, dehydrated, hungry, irritated, sweaty, hot, hot, hot, and the sun might have burned me a bit. Just my face though because they had me in a freggin hoody all day WITH THE HOOD ON!!!! IN THE SUN!!!! IN THE VALLEY!!!!! It was like 90 degrees!!! That's why I say it isn't easy. You have to remain in character and act like your world isn't melting when it most definitely is! AND I HAD TO WEAR MAKE UP!!! LIKE REAL MAKE UP!!!! My whole face. Gross. I just now got a chance to wash that crap off. It was nasty. Like my face had dirt ALL over it.

Anyhoo::: The director and my counter part, Mel said I'm a "Natural". That's dope. I guess all the years of bouncing around the country as a runaway have made me very well rounded. I can play the valley girl, the stripper turned prostitute, the teacher, the crazy baby mama, the not-so-crazy baby mama, the dyke, the popular girl... whatever. (Maybe cause I've been all them chicks... Just jokin'. Kinda...)

Mel didn't believe that I had never had an acting class before. He might just be gassing me... I still feel I could have done better. Whatever. We'll see when I see the footage.

[SIDE NOTE: Mel is from MIA. AWESOME. We totally bonded when I brought up Guava Pastelitos and Winn Dixie. (I used to stay off Coral Gables Rd. 33186. Far from the beach... but not too far. All my friends had cars and every now and then I would come up on a vehicle.)]
Anyway... I think I might have found a new craft folks. Bout to see what I can do with this. OH!!!!

And my agent is raping me. 30% is too much... who knew? Well... at least... I didn't know. Hmmm.... so before I signed that contract... a little parental guidance might have been nice. BUT HEY! We can't always get what we want, right? (As much as I want to beg to differ... the answer to that question is painfully obvious.)

I promise I'll be back to talk some shiznitsen soon. DAMN! I know I witnessed something horrid earlier that I wanted to write about but I guess I already suppressed the thought. It must have been THAT disturbing. It was probably a 360 pound, 45 year old woman in the middle of the cross walk as the light turns yellow, wearing daisy dukes and a halter top (sweat dripping from her pits and in between her tits) with her 8 year old granddaughter following ten feet behind her.

Anyway... I'm out... I got more work to do.

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. whens the show going to air???

    n thats crazy a hoody in this hott ass weather ..

    and 30% is crazy way too much

  2. and im still waiting to hear mr wrong that song is still stuck in my head!!! cmon stop the music n send me the track LOOL


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