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8/26/2009 10:45:00 AMBriana Latrise

Um... Dope.
Apparently I'm everywhere. I've been all over this city, backstage, on stage, front row, the back row, inside and out... So... I'm known.

Thank You to the new homie J for showin' love at the door last night. He just let me right in. No questions. Just a smile. A very handsome smile at that.

Thank You to Young Chris' crazy behind! For taking care of ya girl last night. I appreciate that energy. I hope it comes back to him x10.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Thank You Jesus for the beautiful struggle, My Life.



On another note::::::

Lindsey Lohan is really, really skinny in person. And the blonde hair is disgusting. I should have snatched her up last night and made her talk out her issues with me. I have a feeling they're similar. Only I did all that acting out and shape shifting already. She was such a cute girl!!! WTF HAPPENED? (Besides the cocaine, the bi-curiosity, the countless pantiless escapades... etc.)

Jared Leto is small in person. Still kinda cute.

Benji (that guy with the twin from that band that everyone forgot about when the world shifted and everything became all about who's dated who... The one whose twin married that girl... Damn I wish I knew names... Oh! Lionel Richies daughter, Nicole) yeah anyways... He was standoffish. I shouldn't have spoken to him at all but I liked his look. I wanted to shoot him. I forgot the only thing organic is Hollywood is the bullshit.

Where the fudge are the hippies? I like hippies. We need to start a new movement. Now!!!!
Whatever. Hollywood is weak sauce. Yet, I refuse to leave till I kick Hollywood's ass!!! I don't know what my deal is. But I know I want to beat this shit down and build it back up. Or at the very least beat it. Lol.

All those people made me sad. They were all dressed up and superficial.

Ha! Just looked out my the hotel window: Hollywood's on fire. I'm always sayin I can't wait til it burns. I should watch what I say. Seriously. A few years ago I told Boo on 43rd and Crenshaw that I couldn't wait until he got shot and like a day later a bullet grazed his head. He's still alive. Still talkin crap. He doesn't talk crap to me anymore though. I felt bad when I heard about it. Like it was my fault or something. Until he popped up on the block wit a beanie on talkin his usual stuff to everyone but me. Then it was just like whatever. I don't think I wished it on him. I think it was more like a prediction. I mean, his is a gang member. And he alway in someone else's hood. It was only a matter of time.

I love how I never stay on subject. Ever. Lol.
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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. dang where were you at that all these celebs wer?

    and is hollywood people really that fake??

    and yes hippies are>>>

  2. i was watching 1 of your interviews n u said u write screenplays..
    what kind do you write?

  3. I stumbled on your blog, and this was a funny post. I'm sure I was supposed to chuckle about the guys head getting grazed, but....

    I like LA, although seeing people so....elegant (?) at the grocery store always catches me by surprises. But yeah, fakeness does seem to run rampant in


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