8/18/2009 11:47:00 AMBriana Latrise

So my back is killin me!!!

The past few nights have been crazy!!!!
First I slept in my car. I had to. I was too tired to go anywhere else. My new home girl told me not to leave her place but I didn't even know her like that yet so I had too. Its hard to sleep around people I don't know. If and when I do... I never really SLEEP. Its more like a half sleep. That morning I went all the way to the east side and took a shower/washed and pressed my hair at my ex's. Then I slept at ol' girls. I just passed out. Last night my boy had a room. He's cool. He let me stay in his room. I didn't get here til 5 something so... We now have to leave and I'm still tired!!! I have to go shower at my aunties cause I woke up late. I have a meeting at 2 and I'm not sure what for. I'm thinkin we need to just do a phone conference. Lol. But!!! I have 45 pages of screen play since Saturday. That's pretty f*n good. And! I have a new painting I'm working on. It has more detail than any painting I've ever done. I wrote like 8 beginnings to poems and a few hooks. I think I like this homeless hustle. I actually give a shit about my hustle. And I'm gettin support in places I wouldn't have expected. Thank You, Jesus.

Last but not least:
Raine left a comment and I thought I was reading something I wrote. Why are our stories so seemingly identical? Stalker? Lol. Jokes.

My back really fuckin hurts. I need a massage.

Dammit. We outta this room. I'll check back in later.
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