*My Drunken Thoughts* while avoiding packing up to move...

8/02/2009 05:15:00 AMBriana Latrise

Why have I never noticed that the pull string to turn my light on has a q on it. Q,

I was at one point called "Q" for b.s. purposes...

Lookin' at it all loaded... (at 5:18 am mind you...) I spaced out. I had an epiphany- no excuse me, I had a hallucination... hold on... I'm so faded... I started my bday celebration early...

Basically, in envisioned myself

"Damn "DRizzy'... I guess I think better when I'm not sober too. " -Annoying myself. I feel funny about it just because he's so damn popular and I'm not quite sure why... I haven't really figured this one out yet.

... 1 half of me thinks he's dope and he has the potential to be really, really dope...
The other side is like... "..." because there's no much to comment on... not in a negative way, but on some, "You are so much better than that", type shit. I could say the same thing to myself... but I'm just now learning to respect myself, so...
yea... I obviously (judging myself by my twitter episodes...)

*I have thoughts within thoughts. within thoughts (that pop up during thoughts, "he" called it A.D.D.)... what's the symbol for a number that just keeps going??? damn... I do need to read more! and do more math problems. ...I tried to do some fractions the other day and they were not 'jiggin' wit me... [the term "jig" is one by mouth of my "bestest" meaning, in this context: understanding, comprehending; remembering; wanting to do... ) thank you for that one B.)] ok... wait....*

Yeah... I was talkin' about this little "flash back-type" feeling that I had when I saw the Q and thought of my past... but basically .... I think I'm gathering now that my epiphany was that my anxieties about this move to NEW YORK, on some I'm serious shit, stem from me being in Hollywood so long that I think I want it. But, nothing in Hollywood, as far as I have seen, is what life is really about. Not in my opinion anyway. I remembered some bad times first when I saw the Q/cue, but I also remembered some good. The good: Back then, I didn't have anxieties when it was time to move on. I didn't even try to hold on in most situations. It could be that they were so seemingly "Land of the Lost" and painful. On the other hand, it could be that I was younger, less afraid of the future, and/or less worried about what people (mainly specific family members) thought of me.

i'm sleeoy now... f* this


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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. You moving to new york for good ? or just for a new project??? and how you drunk and its my 21st birthday lol

  2. I'm not moving to NY. Well, actually... I haven't decided yet. I'll let you know though. What did u mean? "how you drunk and its my 21st birthday lol" ??



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