Questions While I Paint...

8/18/2009 11:31:00 PMBriana Latrise

Why are there no black quarter backs in the NFL?
How come baseball players get paid the most? And is it a coincidence that the sport has the least amount of "African American" players?
Why do I love chicken so much?
Where am I going to sleep tonight?
Do you understand this painting I'm working on?
Why do my bones ache like they do?
What the FUDGE am I going to do about this living situation?
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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Really Nice Blog...hey check out mines and if youlike it follow me..

  2. 1.vick is black :)

    2.because steroids are expensive..
    2.5.n yes its just a coincidence

    3.idk why you love chicken maybe cuz its good?

    4.again idk where your going to sleep... but you shouldnt have to worry about that..

    5.i see 3 things... means some1 is taking a wrong turn but its not really wrong because who says the entrance is right...

    b.Some1 on the outside who cant go in...

    c. or as it seems every1 is moving foward the chosen 1 sits alone facing a opposite direction ..

    but its a real good painting Briana

    6.your bones hurt cause you overwork yourself... n worry to much and thats stressful ...

    7. n you should try to find a roomate... who will pay half or more of the rent who will be pleasant to live with n get your own place so you dont have to struggle from place 2 place

    I ANSWERED EM ALL!!! lol

  3. n im still kinda waiting to hear that mr wrong song...

    the song was soooo dope that even weeks l8r ...

    that im still thinkin bout it.


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