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8/03/2009 03:58:00 AMBriana Latrise

I've decided that, should I get married, I am NOT going to have a customary wedding... I don't care about a diamond ring... (I want rocks in it... but how about rose quarts lacing (but embedded in) rose gold?

anyway... we will ring each other... they don't have to match. I want Mr. To-Be-Determined's ring to reflect him. Whatever he wants to do. I do however, ask that he cares. To me, the rings are a symbol... I like symbols. And I don't mind if his vows are said with only God and Me in the room. We could even have a very private union on the beach at sunrise... on an island (private beach) somewhere clean. I'm spaced right now.

Ran into a beautiful smile this evening. Bumped into um, literally.


and like thai I'm over it...

***RANDOM THOUGHT INTERJECTION: Women (I really wanna say girls and/or insecure women)... should they be upset if their fiancé attends or has a party with strippers? I feel it may be even a little wrong for her to be mad in certain relationships.
For example (we'll use me and Mr. NITL... not in this life... because I would never marry a man like this):
...according to my philosophies and thories... NITL is Type 1.a which is the party goer. The live life to the fullest type guy.

wait... I'm tired. NVRMND.

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