Thought While Waiting for Firestone to Open @ 730am

8/22/2009 07:02:00 AMBriana Latrise

What if the serpent of the Garden of Eden was really just a penis...
A penis attached to a man led by it?
What if Eve WAS an adulterer...
But because she was taught to be by the man she came from.
What if....

Just had an experience on the way to the airport.

That little "miami" girl completely blew mine.
Side Note::: can't wait for the folks from NY to touch down. I'm light weight excited and I'm not sure why. Hmmm...
On second thought: I hope there are no surprises when they get here. Like, no extra unannounced accompanying parties. None of that type ishh. I'd be gravely disappointed. (I'm sleepy... I hope that word: gravely was used in the correct context )

Have any of you who actually read some of my b.s. Ever noticed that I am actually very articulate? Especially when I'm tired but not being lazy. What kind of backwards shhhh is that? I mean, I'll be wide awake and my speech/texts will be like: "yeah, my dude/g/nukka etc... But never that when I'm chillin- oh!!!! EPIPHANY::: I articulate when I'm chillin... When I'm comfy, relaxed, lounging, sleepy etc...


I'm about to tell my body we're napping so it can hold on longer later today.... Cause: I'M UP! And sober!!! This is ill!
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1 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. haha you like being sober???

    n yea i kinda noticed that since you said it when u awake your more vibrant n out there...

    when your calm your laid back ...

    but your still dope either way


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