Trey Songz ~ Ready.... Uh... Boooooo

8/24/2009 04:19:00 PMBriana Latrise

OMG!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS TREMAINE??? Damn! What about your OTHER fans???... lol. Some of your admirers don't care for all that sweet, sad, whiny sh**.

I'm confused. He's really talented... and definitely gifted... lyrically and vocally... but um... booooo. I think I hate his label. The music is dope... I just can't relate to him whinin' about some girl that left him. Especially because those songs dominate the album... or at least the version I heard. There's a few songs like I feel... "Black Roses", "Say Aah" is dope [DOWNLOAD HERE], "Neighbors Know My Name"... ha... I love this kid..., "One Love" I can deal with...

Other than that::: Imma need him to check himself for that record with Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane... Never do that again. I hate when ppl pervert music with their concerns for album sales. That's what that record felt like in the first 15 seconds. Like someone convinced him to do it and that's what they came up with...

I mean really tho... "LOL Smiley Face"???? WTF... The beat does get much much better around 0:28 into it... but still... the melody is annoying... and don't ever... EVER compare yourself to Diddy... not that tho... lol... (Oh! Maybe that's what he meant by the "LOL Smiley Face" b.s.) Them first 30 seconds were a real life turn off tho. Halley Berry's thick?

Damn... I'm so annoyed! It's Soulja Boy's voice. Imma fall back... I might just be trippin cause I'm in an ugly mood.
Yet still... it never fails. There's always like ONLY 3 hot joints TO ME and the rest get on my last nerve or take forever and a lonely day to grow on me.

Dear Tremaine Aldon Neverson,
Are you in there? What are you missing? It has nothing to do with anyone other than you, Love. (In other words... you won't find it in a her... but she may be able to help you find it.) I felt compelled to write that. Peace and Love.

I only go in on you cause someone has to. (I should go harder.)


DOWNLOAD "Say Aah" - Trey Songz ft. Fabolous HERE

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