8/23/2009 09:39:00 AMBriana Latrise

It is so official. I do NOT want another drink! No alcohol!!! At least not straight anymore. I just feel dry. Like, my throat is sooooo ashy this morning! And I'm supposed to head out to Laguna Hills for a jam session. How stupid do I feel? I need some serious tea right about now. And maybe a jog around the block to open me up. Whatever. Anyway!!!

Last night was ill!!! Ran into SOOOO many familiar faces.

I assisted my boy Phil da Agony on the set of a Strong Arm Steady and Too Short video shoot. As soon as we pulled up... Yukmouth was standin right outside. First thing he says to me "aye, you know Hyfe?" (FYI: HYFE or Lil Hyfe is my dude from waaaaaay back.) I was so juiced when he got him on the phone for me. I hadn't talked to him in stupid long. He lost his phone and I had no other contact on him other than myspace but when life gets real... No body that I know really sits down on they myspace searching for people.
Moving on:
I had to make a few runs. I picked up Krondon's puppy. She is quite possibly the absolute sweetest, cutest, little thing. I took a picture of her in her kennel in my passenger seat. She was so scared that I felt bad. I felt so bad that I drove all the way back to north hollywood with the music off (which I NEVER do unless I'm on the phone or in deep, deep thought and I want the person in my passenger seat out of my car...). But yeah. When we let her out her little kennel she was EVERYWHERE in two seconds. She had to sniff everything! But I think we bonded on the ride because she would come up to me and let me know that it was all love without lickin me tho that's my kinda puppy. Real talk.
I was also juiced at my negotiating skills. I had to pick up a pair of shoes for Short right but when I got back to the store (which we had already been to) they had closed 20 minutes earlier. So... Determined to get this man's shoes I put the store in my gps while at the door (I love blackberry) and call them. I told the I was there and the let me in. Then they tried to tell me that someone had already been there to pick up Short's shoes. I was like... Hmmm... So I started talking about something completely different while I got Krondon on the phone. We talked about the Dodgers whom I LOVE!!! (I was sad I missed Kemp and Loney. They had like a signing or something next door. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see all that blue on Melrose. Lol.) Anyway. I bond with the shoe store boys and hand the boss man there the phone while I pick out some shoes for Short. Got em. Out the back door and the story continues.
Later that evening after sweating off about 3 pounds cause it was blazing in that small packed place... I ran into the homies of course! Noni Spitz, Dae One, Taje, Dah Dah, Sally, Ya Boy, Phonix, this dude from 43rd and Crenshaw whose name I can't remember but I never see him on the block anymore unless he's gettin food and then he's gone but I see him at ALL kinds of industry parties and video shoots and people's houses... He just gets in. Idk who this kid is like that but whatever. Met some people who need writers: I got that. I spit my favorite poem twice. I love that piece. You'll probably see it on youtube. Hope I don't look too crazy. I was so freggin HOT last night. Running around. All night. Anyway. I did a little drop for They low key tried to play me at first to get me to clown CH real quick but no. For what. He's not even doin anything to piss anyone off right now. Let the little negro live! Lol. Whatever. Once I started talkin to dude from the site I think he got a much better understanding of who I am and what I'm about. So... Yeah. Whatever. I think I talk too much. But I don't want to NOT talk too much. I feel like that's me. I've been like that since I was little. "Is it a crime?". Yes. I need some Sade this Sunday Morning. So... To wrap it all up, I met some of Sally's girls and I think we are doing a Taco/Pina Colada night. Yeah! Entourage and True Blood too. Long story short... I had a great night. Dah Dah got the video. He better send it to me. I'm on his head.
Crap!!! I start my slavery on Monday morning. It's a check. A check. I gotta keep telling myself that.
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  1. Peace

    What up Briana? Been a min...see you still grinding(make sure you studying also).Yo, the dodgers suck.And the only reason y'all nice these last 2 yrs, is cause Joe Torre gave y'all some NYC swag...So pay homage! ;) I got something I want to send you,I will holla at you later.



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