Yeah!!!!! It's BACK!

8/24/2009 03:19:00 PMBriana Latrise

September 4th... U see the flyer. Just be there. If I don't disappear... I'll be there too. Maybe w/ camera... maybe not...

I'm something like a quitter and about ready to give up on all my dreams. Because they're apparently stupid and unrealistic. I DON'T WANT ANY F*N COMMENTS ON WHAT I JUST SAID. That's how I feel. I won't stop feeling that way until something gives. I'm sorry but a certain someone just got 40,000 invested into her dope ass clothing line... her mother gave it to her and her ma's bf connected her w/ some industry faces to get the name of her line out... this is all after Mom dropped what, another 40? on school? FIDM.... lucky you.


I quit. I just wanna know why I have to do EVERYTHING myself. For real. And miss me with that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" bullshit... I THINK IT'S FUCKIN KILLIN' ME... I have this delightfully painful cough that's tearing my throat up (Thank you Los Angeles air, and the alley ways I've been sleeping in, and the oh-so-nutritious fast food I eat cause God knows that's all I can afford). It stole my voice... and it won't hurry up and heal cause I eat shit and get no sleep.

This is the gayest shit ever... I don't even mean to curse... I've been trying not to... but I'm really upset now. Really upset. This shit is so terrible. I don't know how people stay positive in these situations without drugs. Honestly... cause I want some Lithium right now.

People keep tellin' me to pray... I'm like: slap yourself. You think I don't? I think I was destined to go through stupid shit. This is like high school w/out the drugs.... oh! and at least this time around I have a car. Thank You Jesus. At least he loves me... lol.

OH! And you would think that this situation would inspire me... it was for a second... but no. It's just depressing me. Making me angry. I have enough angry artwork that I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SELL!

Whatever, I'm whining again.


At least, if I ever get desperate enough... I can run back to one of my sorry ass ex-boyfriends who still wants to hit.

"Shoot em up... Just shoot em up, what?!" - Nas... y is that song stuck in my head right now?

Side note (last thought and I'm out...) I really just want to lay in a bed... ALONE! I forgot what it feels like to be comfortable. Lol. What a luxury.

...Fortunate fucks.

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