8/21/2009 07:22:00 PMBriana Latrise

ok... I feel like crud. Not even crap. Just crud. I'm like half sick... so:
I'm nauseous. I have no energy. I wanna cuddle up in a blanket, sleep all day and night and sweat this crap out and I have back pains. Sounds/seems like the flu to me.

Aside from the crap news:
1. I have a meeting with a management company on the 31st! Yeah me!
2. Got a new old job... (my old job back... I make my own hours... it suits me.)
3. Got a new dude? I guess... I didn't mean for that to happen but hey... I'm still young.
4. I want some donuts.
5. I'm bout to get a check!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I forgot I had $ coming to me...

Someone please tell me where I can get my head light replaced. VW wants 65$ to do the front and $35 for the back.... thats PER LIGHT BULB!!!!! Is it just me or is that insane???

The PROBLEM: You need a special clip thing to pull the frggin light out and replace it and no one seems to have it except VW. I'm NOT ballin' like that yet. If I'm gonna throw 65 dollars away... I'd rather it be on somewhere to sleep and shower in private dammit. Sheesh!


I really, really want some freggin donuts!

How come all the dudes that have been poppin up in my life lately are younger than me? I mean like 3 years or more. That's scary. But these dudes are all more mature than the dudes my age... AND!!!!! They have less children... LMAO!!! BWAHHAHAHAAAAAAAA...

Last but not least... Manchester Blvd. is just way too f*n close to Watts. I need to head back up a hill and find somewhere to hide. BBQs, food, family, love and a few other things seem way more real and down to earth down here but... the police, the dirt, the airports and drama just seem way too close to me now.

I'm bout to take a nap... or something. I need this icky feelin' to evacuate my body. NOW!

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  1. I gotta VW passat I could actually replace ur back lights for 5 bucks lol.


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