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9/06/2009 10:41:00 PMBriana Latrise

MY FAV QUOTE FOR THE DAY: "Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you. " - Herbert Spencer Gasser
... couldn't find a better quote right now. It's absolutely perfect. Especially when you think of all the distress Herbert Gasser could have experienced in his life and times even though I have yet to read his biography.


MY ART SELECTION FOR THE DAY: from "African Tribes" by Peter Gasser

I chose this image because it made me think. Look at the way the baby holds her breast. Feeding himself. The expression on his face is dope. I'd rather not say what I think about it. I'd rather hear what you think...

-Peter Gasser (View his "African Tribes" Portfolio here)


***"Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the artist. Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism and commercial photography. Photojournalism provides visual support for stories, mainly in the print media. Commercial photography's main focus is to sell a product or service."

Says Wikipedia


Where I am mentally at this moment:::

I think heaven would be freedom of my mind. I have everything I need to be there, but the freedom. How to I break these chains that restrict me? I feel tied down, to the world by my neck. Like I'm upside down, and twisted so that my own arms bind me. I won't let me towers of Babylon go because they keep me comfortably discomforted. Weak.

Heaven would be me and my mind, happily capturing, easily expressing, FULLY expressing, everything I want or need to.

Heaven is this camera (although I do need a fixed lense like, yesterday) and my gift. Yet, I can't move freely with it. Am I ungrateful because I'm tired of taking pictures in this place? Because I'm tired of the vanity poses? (Side note: You ever thought about the fact that there's actually a publication called Vanity Fair? What purpose does that publication serve? Serious question... My answer: Entertainment. Fine. You should look up the word vanity and get back to me on that if you do not see why this should bother you. If not fine... the google vanity at your local Tower and you'll most likely find the latest, hottest trends.


Remind me later to post some questions about society and the ways of the world.

Heaven is my life. I just refuse to let myself acknowledge it. I am blessed. I know this. However, I have always had issues accepting love. It seems so foreign. (I guess when you get used to the store brand generics, real flavor can be overwhelming and often intimidating.)

You are currently in my head.

I would really like to travel sometime soon. Somewhere where people aren't too caught up in the lights, smoke and mirrors. Somewhere where artists are artists. Where workers work. Where pain is pain, not "The Make Up" and or other forms of addiction. When I find it... I will capture the greatest moments of real life.

Damn. For a second I saw myself going there. Then, I remembered I'm stuck here. In my hell. I call it Hollywood since that's the city where it hits me hardest in the World and not-so-coincidentally what they call industry people who've "made it now they forgot where they came from" or refuse to remember/acknowledge what and where they came from.

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9 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. "Remind me later to post some questions about society and the ways of the world."

    you dead need to do a post about that..

    n in the picture... the look on the babys face is a look of survival he knows not of what hes doing but knows it has to be done to survive... as to if he was grown hed most likely have the look of satisfaction on his face in that situation ... because it most likely wouldnt be for survival as it would be for pleasure... thats how i see it..

    and the place you described sounds awesome...
    kinda like you said it felt reading it as if i was there...but had to come back down to this illusion of importance that i consider to be what humans call life...

    but yea.. keep up blogging more....

    n the deep religious topics are really dope... really into that kinda stuff\n psychology type stuff...

    so be strong... n keep living ...


  2. Thank You, Love. I really, truly adore the way your brain analyzes things.

  3. Oh yeah!!! Did you check out Peter Gasser's "African Tribes" though?

  4. thank you very much Briana..
    your kind words put a genuine smile on my face.....

    and actually yes i did...
    he captured alot in some photos...
    like this 1

    it explains alot about the human mind... n the different cultures n the way your brought up will totally make you have a whole different outlook on life...

    like the females in the picture look like something the basic american human would see as an oddity or as some kind of abnormality..but the truth is what makes the american human not be the oddity ...

    and the children... they hang on to there mother as if they are attached .. and fearless... but im sure if you put that same female in a room with a little american child the child would be horrified because he was not raised around such being...

    lol and im soo sorry if i wrote to much ... it just opens me up to think about stuff like that...and be able to express my views..

  5. alright ill remind you around 7-8 c\t on twitter


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