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9/07/2009 09:37:00 AMBriana Latrise

...I definitely need you all to understand that Briana, me, I'm totally balanced when I eat right, sleep enough, and take in the right herbs. Herbs are important to me. They can save lives.


MY FAV ART SELECTION FOR THE DAY::: "Simple Man" by The Grouch

I love where his head was at in this song.


"A great artist is always before his time or behind it." - George Edward Moore

Had to do two today actually:
"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." - Albert Camus


Where I'm at Mentally for the Day::::
I did some research on Sierra Leone, or "Mountain Lion", last night...

Did you know that the capitol is "Freetown". Does that NOT bother you? Check it:
Freetown was where London sent all their freed slaves since they "were concerned about where the best location would be for them to live and be employed". Whatever. My opinion, they just didn't want them negroes around anymore if they had to treat them like people. Sad.

Seems to me that with Sierra Leone's 250 miles of coast, and it having the third largest harbor, AND it being like the center of trade and import ect. to West Africa... the "civilized" man... or Europeans decided to run it. Funny how whenever people from other territories settle on land that is not their own, they introduce things to the natives. The land is usually left in ruins or chaos after that.

***Also... I'm sure you know that the very first human bones were found 195,000 years ago in Ethiopia. That's deep. I think we should all do some research on the past... the answers are all there. We just need to find them.

It's crazy to me that we had Kings and Queens in Africa... but now... hmmm. Where did America get off trynna do some new ish? I want to go to Africa and build. Building materials are cheap if you build like the old days with adobe and or Wattle and Daub... look that up. With Thatch roofs. Perfect for Africa because the homes can stay fairly cool inside. Why do people feel they need big plastered homes? With weird chemicals in them? That's what wrong with us. What happened to living from the earth? We were given everything we needed. Why did people feel they had to play God and try to make new things with dangerous chemical compounds and such? I want to start a NEW Radical Revolution.

"The revolution will not be televised."

I just don't know what to do besides raise awareness. My only other ideas are to tear everything down and force people to rebuild. No money, just barter. Money does not exist anyway. That's the coldest trick in the book. Money: paper. What is it worth if it ws supposed to represent gold and silver yet this country is in debt. I don't have any gold. I have a ton of paper though. Hmmm... I don't know. This is just madness. I want to strip everyone of everything material that they hold dear and make them work again... however at this time... in this country, many people would NOT survive. People have become dependent on the things we have but don't need that provide comfort: air conditioning, processed foods, convenience, etc.

New Radical Movement

My ideal home life, living somewhere similar to Sierra Leone (as far as the 250 miles of coast). I would set up a semicircular piece of land with the open end facing the beach... We wouldn't be too close though. Never too close. (Hurricanes scare me...) I would have one VERY large, solid structure built behind the semicircular property as a safe haven for if and when natural occurrences take place. There would be a large fire pit at the front of the property (closest to the beach) for cooking, gatherings, warmth etc. Not too close to the 4 or 5 wattle and daub structures around it though. We wouldn't want them to catch fire. Those structures would be for family and friends though. We would start a village there. We live off the earth. We grow our own food, we kill our own animals and we waste no parts of it. We would feed our guard animals the parts of the animal that I won't eat... lol, and uses the skins for cloth. No need for weapons but we will have tools of rock, hardened clay and wood. (I'd end up eating lots of fish.) Days could go like this:

Upon waking, we Thank God, then the oldest child and the mother could go down to the ocean and fish for breakfast most days. (Special days we can have eggs... maybe.) We would come back and cook for the family. The child too so as to learn. The men would eat with the family , and then head off to their jobs be it to hunt, cultivate, build boats, homes, whatever, while the women make tools, clothing, blankets, care for the children and teach them. Ect. After the day's work is done, the men return for dinner. The family can do anything they want now. Entertain each other with stories of the day, make music, take a relaxing sail up the coast or whatever the case.

What a dream. I hope Heaven is like that. With out all the irrelevance.

Maybe I'm just trippin because the only other way I would want to live my life is traveling the world, surviving off of my own life and arts and gifts from God... Which is basically what I do now... (only I haven't been traveling too much lately).


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11 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. herbs are great...they make you want to expand your mind... n not catch on to the newest mind swelling fad...
    well if we are talking the same herb

    that song was dope...he just didnt go with the beat....but what he was saying was meaningful..well in someparts excluding the chorus
    "True Direction Comes From Inside the Mind and Everthing Else is Just Accessory"-stuck out the most

    how do you view the 1st quote?
    its kind of broad past n future are such undefined nouns..(pretty sure their nouns.. my English is a bit off today)

    and i dont really like to believe in the past.. but only cuz no1s ever explained it to me as more then just history from books..
    u made it more interesting with the whole and if you ever are serious about going to Africa and building one of those homes id def be interested in helping consturct it...and thats exactly how i feel..about the naturalness and beauty of the simple things...

    these big houses are nice to look at and may be comfortable for some...but id rather be peacefully happy n not have to worry about all the other junk in life...

    OMG i was just gonna go in on money but decided to read on before typing more...

    i soooo feel the same way
    money wtf is money paper of all things... like i feel theres a hidden EVIL power behind gold..but paper is buffoonery..i love the idea of people just helping each other for goods natural goods not these huge chem plants polluting the air im forced to breath yet i can get arrested for smoking a natural plant


    your civilization sounds great... we just need to have music... quality music...

    and id be scared if i had to depend on my self without the things i do of getting i have no art to sell and dont make music..or what have you.. but then if we wer talking a life without money then itd be a diff story.

    but what would you revolution be called?...

    n revolution is such a played out word... like its gotten to the point the basic meaning of revolution is not undertood by most ... cuz to most its just a way to stick out and be noticed...and not to make change and awareness(and awareness and being noticed is 2 different things TOTALLY )

  2. Speaking of the going back to Africa and rebuilding, remember hearing anything about the Republic of New Afrika? I got mixed feelings about how they tried to go about that one. Whatever though.

    Money is what caused so much choas and greed thru out the million of years that has brought us here today. The world would be so much peaceful and humble without it.

    Money & music while I'm at it.
    I hate to say this cause I would sort of be contradicting myself being that I wouldn't hesitate to make money of my own beats/instrumentals...cause its hard out here.
    Anyway, in the same way I wish there wasn't money, but I was music was general free....period.
    That way it wouldn't be so much garbage out today on the radio. Cause the people making music would be the people who truly love the art and not what it can do for your pockets. My opinion, 65% of the rappers out today wouldn't be relevant at all.

    Your "New Radical Movement"
    also reminds me of "Garveyism"(Marcus Garvey), to redeem Africa.

    damn, so much more I wanted to touch on your post but I gotta run, Peace!

  3. i dont want to get into music at this point... that can be saved for later... i listen to very choice music n my opinions on other musicians if thats what you prefer i refer to them as is very harsh... and im very dedicated to the few i do listen to ...

    ...and yes gambitt we need to make money not cuz we want to but simply because america has become so simple minded to let everything depend on basic paper...

  4. it sounds like a great idea. but most modern people have moved past this. it could work though. i'm sorry, my gemini is weighing heavily on both sides of this one.

  5. Chris, I think it's more like Capitalism has taken over. America may be simple minded, (for the most part) but I think this country was founded on terrible things:::

    Slaves built railroads... trains where a MAJOR part of transporting goods and materials back in the day. Without them... this country could not have progressed as it did.

    Slaves also picked cotton, and cultivated and basically built this country through forced labor.

    Mind you... the land we live on (USA) was already inhabited when Europeans supposedly "discovered" it. They kicked the natives out, killed them off, and so on and so forth...

    So yeah. It's evil ways that built this place. Evil ways and the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors.

    Greed would be an evil way. Capitalism seems somewhat greedy to me, don't you think?


    1. MARKETING: How things are advertised specifically.

    At your local stadium, there are ads everywhere. Most of which for things you don't need. There are flashing lights in some of these ads to get your attention. They scream, "Buy me! Buy me! You need me!" when you probably don't, shouldn't, or can't afford to.

    Commercials. Overly exaggerated "happy" faces, overly exaggerated "good times", overly exaggerated expressions and emotions in an attempt to entice you. Notice that commercials are generally louder than whatever program you're watching. Most likely to catch your attention, but then to keep it or at least grab at it while you enter another room, resume a conversation about the show you're watching or whatever the case. Commercials use key words and phrases for the same purposes. It's all really, very crafty. It's dope too... however, when it's used to promote the buying of unnecessary goods in order to perpetuate the sick cycle of creating a demand, then supplying (as opposed to maybe supplying a demand that is already there... which you wouldn't have to do at all if people would get back in with nature!!!!!) then it's disgusting to me.

    Think about those things and then get back to me.

  6. Malika, you said most people have surpassed my ideas on simplicity. That's part of my point. I think people have developed senses of NEED for things we do not NEED.


    We do not NEED cell phones, but most of us claim we cannot live without our phones (myself included). We did just fine before they were invented. Maybe even better with out all these towers, and signals, and bills, and annoyances, AND distractions.

    We do NOT NEED Mc Donald's, but dammit, the salty fries that kill us ever-so-slowly and the processed meats and grease taste so damn good when we tell ourselves it does. Or, when we give in to the enticing prices on the dollar menu and the fake deals like, two BIG MACs for the price of one which is already over priced because someone has to pay for that commercial. Why not you right?

    I can go on all day.

  7. Gambitt, I hadn't heard about the Republic of New Afrika like that but this is an interesting read:

    And I don't know much about Garveyism... I kind of just have my own theories and ideas and beliefs. Anyway.... read what I posted above about Republc of New Afrika.

  8. ive noticed a few things you mentioned about the commercials...people be mad im sure the person who creates the commercial itself the idea is a very smart well rounded and mentally stable person..

    but the people who shoot\and even act in the commercial..are acting well because thats there job...

    but the people who make these things... they should be blamed for ruining life as it once was...

    and yes capitalism does seem greedy.. when you take the time out to notice the greed take place.. n not just worry about survival n what not..

    and like you said about phones im overly obsessed with music\art/the mind\n peoples views....

    so i will spend any amount of money on the best things to listen to music to ...through...the things\ways to view art with... and my education...but at the same time it shouldnt be worth money...

    like us being raised in this country money is a regular thing to us some more then others...
    but its really not that normal...
    trading goods and services for paper??
    some1s getting over on us somewhere...
    and the way they go about doing it is horrible...sick even... i read some guy committed suicide because he lost the new iphone is a phone worth sum1s life??

  9. and you wrote what was in that link above about the republic of new Afrika ...

    n what is the basic principle of garveyism?

  10. @ ChrisdotRivera & Briana Latrise

    The intention of the movement was for those of African ancestry to "redeem" Africa and for the European colonial powers to leave it. It was a Pan-African philosophy to inspire a global mass movement focusing on Africa.

    I'm in agreement on the foul ways America was built. I am not happy about how was done at all. Its a wonder how American has come as far as it has....not to say we're doing all that great to begin with.
    And the needs of the un-needed is crazy right now and those ommercials are the prime setups.
    This country is so brain washed its a wonder how most don't notice it.

    ::reading Republic of New Afrika link::

    Good look


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