9/02/2009 10:49:00 AMBriana Latrise

Ok... so I'm not gonna say any names. I don't want to drag on a non-existent beef and make it into something more than some gay high school ish and potentially get people hurt... SO...

This female who shall remain nameless... let's just call her a Civilian... the Civilian used to mess with my ex dude right... he dumped her dumb ass with a twitter message... lol. She felt stupid when she realized she wasn't his girl... or even his piece... but more so just a hole. ROTFL!!! So... some random retard calls me yesterday from a blocked number (I can see blocked numbers... try me if you want to... but your number shows up EVERY time... LOSERS) and he basically threatens me and tells me all kinds of craziness about how he's gonna slap the freckles off my face, and he's gonna stop me out.... blah blah blah. Funny. I'm never afraid of humans. EVER. Lame ass dude. What kind of man does that...? Then, he had the nerve to say (mind you I was completely entertained by him because I was with family/ustreaming and we had him on speaker) he said that I was cute until I started gettin on his head and shootin back.... then he said I was an ugly monster... funny.

Finally, I figured out who he was reppin' and t's her. That female. HI-LARIOUS!!!!!!! LMAO!

So I call her. I never liked middle man shit. She's pussy and she don't answer the phone. She calls me blocked... booooo...

After 7 hours of this man's harassment... she finally calls me blocked. I call her back like, "Die. LOL... I can see your number." She plays dumb like she has no idea who it is or what's going on... booooooo.

I never realized how seriously stupid this girl was still she sent me a text. How are you a blogger but you can speak/write proper english???? Hmmmm????

Don't ever get it fucked up... I had senior english classes as a freshman cause they didn't know where else to put me.... (I wasn't gonna be able to take college courses cause I had no money and I was kinda bad, and I had an attitude lol... but I was too damn smart for these sorry ace schools out here...)

So... long story short... she's texting me now. I really wish I could post a picture of her retarded ass... but for now... we'll just wait. The second she does/say something to rub me the wrong way: It's all green lights. "I'm goin' in! I'm goin' in! I'm goin' in! I'm goin' in! (Bitch) and Imma go hard... Imma go hard...." Watch me.

This has been fun.. but it's now time to get back to business... Damn... I woke up late as hell (10:41am)

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