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9/24/2009 12:31:00 PMBriana Latrise

I need people to stop treating real art work, more specifically music like it's less than what it is. By that I mean: I heard the best song DMX has EVER done this beautiful morning. At the end of it a friend of mine asked, "it's only one verse?"... I was half dead lying on the floor like "WTF? That one verse was the dopest verse he's ever spit." However, I'm too hung over to verbalize anything right now. Someone else chimed in like: "that's all you really need". So the first friend replies, "Sounds like he's making a comeback." That statement irritated the shit out of me. A "comeback"???? That's not cool. Seriously. That's not at all cool. To me it's like, these men were bleeding on this record. I don't know... I really can't find the words to express exactly what I am feeling about the way some people treat music and think of music and what not. It's ridiculous. STOP TREATING THESE GIFTS LIKE PRODUCTS.

Wow.. I just had a thought. Maybe even a revelation...

Maybe the sacrifice some of us artists should make in order to have peace of mind and love for self and what not is in fact our art work. Maybe if we were to give back our gifts to God we'd be straight.

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