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9/24/2009 11:42:00 PMBriana Latrise


Every year we send our girls to Revolve. Check out the site if you can; At this event these girls find out what they are worth. They find themselves in the depths of Christ heart like rare jewels in a cave. And in order for a man to find their heart they must find Christ first.

At this event they learn the statistics, and the truth.. the ENTIRE TRUTH about the reality of sex and its consequences when outside of God's design. From the spiritual, to the psychological, to the scientific. These girls will leave revolve with a new self worth, a second chance, a new hope and a wisdom to overcome temptation. And our girls at PIBHE will be the girls to start a trend by taking the walk for purity. They are publicly taking a stance and they need our support.

We need everyone's participation, not just women. Keep in mind your mothers, siblings, cousins and daughters that you want to set the example for. For the mother of the boys, think of your son's future wife. All the funds will be used to send our girls to revolve and further the importance of education in abstinence. And more importantly they will be given the mission to bring it back with them, to their homes, school, and friends.

Every dollar counts, If you can't make it, don't worry but don't let that stop you from sponsoring someone else or raising the funds and sending it in. This is all about showing our girls to be part of a movement. THE WALK FOR PURITY.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to make a donation towards the cause @;203.543.6357 or Ivette Martinez @;203.581.2481.

Be Blessed

-Flahn Frankie Bones Manly
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