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9/17/2009 03:01:00 PMBriana Latrise

My G from Harlem... Sciryl. Check him out. I'm posting a song every week by him... Just because.
So the song for this week is: "Presidents Dead". Love his beat selection, love his flow, however...

I'm totally distracted right now... WHY IS THE TYRA BANKS SHOW ON IN MY ROOM!!!??????? EWW... and they're trynna make this chick with a shopping addiction look like it's a crack addiction or alcoholism. I need them to NOT go there. Can they please talk about something a little more dangerous... these women's lives aren't in danger due to a shopping addiction! At any given time they can return that shit and get the money back... now... find me someone living on the street or in and out of hotels and their car because they fucked their life off a long time ago thinking they weren't going to see age 18 (let alone age 21)... or someone genuinely addicted to something life threatening... then I might give a fuck... but then again probably not... SHOW ME A SOLUTION.

Sorry Sciryl... you know me and this A.D.D.

Anyway... download "Presidents Dead" here.

Side Note::: This trick just said that the high shopoholics get from shopping is similar to the high a crack addict gets... LMAO!!!! So, the day I see this chick on tv walking the streets staring at the gutter looking for change and lost dollars, or hoppin out of the bushes after performing sexual favors so she can shop... then I'll believe it.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. ive heard him b4 hes dope..
    and did u see what MediaTakeOut posted about tyras show today..it said she told fans what to say for ratings

    now shes over exaggerating shopping as an addiction...

    i dead wanna see a shopaholics withdrawal n relapse if they comparing it to an addiction of drugs...

    and how u get high off shopping??

    i feel worse like damn did i rlly need to buy this bs..??

  2. btw the best song ever(mr wrong)is the best song ever LOL oh so happy i got that chance to hear it..


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