Yeah.... NEW MUSIC

9/14/2009 06:24:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm sorry... but I haven't had internet in my room. I'm at the studio right now tho... Just finished a new song. Give me a second. I'll post. Chris... I want to know what you think... since I can' give you "Mr. Wrong".

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. wow ...
    seeing my name on your blog>>>

    and i think i found my new fav song wit this 1...

    its INSANE!!!

    i love the feeling your music gives the mood...

    your the first artist that actually had me bobbin my head to the beat.. since 50 cent get rich or die trying....

    the 3 songs i heard of yours(letter.. 2 Tattoos and the ustream version of mr wrong lol)are all crazy hott like rlly ...

    and since your still in the studio does that mean more new music??? just hoping

    but your soo soulful and emotional in your music... i love it

    keep making art in general...

    ... and i know i def have to hear mr wrong 1 day cdq really lol... like idk when... just before life ends... just cuz i know something that dope exists...
    lol i still listen to the ustream version sometimes HAHA wit you all talking over it

    "be at my head nigga cuz ill be at ya door like its abut that time buddy*-Briana Latrise HAHAHA... thats the part that i always hear when listenin to the song and your talkin

  2. ...where is this music at?
    I'm looking around this joint like "man, what in the fuck are they talking about?" lol


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