Can I Just Go In... just a lil bit?

10/24/2009 11:43:00 AMBriana Latrise

Rhianna... or Robin... excuse me...

Dear Robin,
I dislike you. I don't care whether you care or not. I just want you to know that I dislike you. I hope the live you live is worth more than what you sold to get it. Truthfully. You're like the evil twin.---- OH!!!! OMG!!! I was at the club last night... or dreaming... one of the two... but I definitely saw a female who looked exactly like you!!!! Same big ass forehead and everything... only it was the you before you went all dark on the world. Back when you had the bohemian glow... ya know. It was sad. It was like looking at the ghost of Christmas' past. Anyway... I just wanted to tell you I can't stand you. That song Russian Roulette sucks... you and Ne-yo should be disappointed... I honestly don't see what you have to complain about but then again I don't know everything. Maybe your life sucks. Maybe you have some f*ed up disease you can't get rid of, maybe you're dying, maybe you lost your kids in a fire... idk... but any which way, none of it affects my affinity for you. It will remain non existent until you remember who you are. Side note: I really do hate your hair a lot of the time. It looks like bird feathers. Are you a bird?

This industry is so f*n gay. I promise. Girls sleep with boys who have diseases but continue to have wild orgies in big mansions in the Hollywood Hills. I'm not stupid... I always leave right on time...

Ya'll make the world suck just that much more. I do my fair share what with my smoking and what not... and my negativity... but I'm working on it. Some people appear to be getting worse. Maybe you get worse before you get better???

Whoa... so I let the homegirl cut and press my hair last night... I can't stop touching it. It's so f*n soft and flow-e. (I guess flowy isn't a word... lol... ) I would show you... but I'm still stuck on this Robin chick... it all started when she sent that boy to jail... she shouldn't have done it. Now we're at war... she just doesn't know it yet...

Cold game cause I don't care for him either but at least he's cute...

I obviously have NOTHING that I care to discuss right now... sorry...

Pray that I get this money so I can leave HOLLYBALLS! PLEASE!!!

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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. please tell me this isn't because of charles hamilton.. but if it is i'd understand, cuz my ex loved one of them guys from dawson's creek to the point where i hated that dude LOL

  2. Sorry to disappoint you but no. I never cared for her. Long before Charles... and as I said in a later entry: This started when she sent light skin to jail.

    An ex can't change my affinity for someone... especially when they don't mean shit to me anymore.

  3. i see what ur sayin but to my knowledge chris brown didn't get sentenced to jail time

    and beyond that, it was his actions that got him in trouble, not hers.. not trying to just be disagreeable but for real

    i mean the pictures don't lie

  4. to pool-boy...there was a reason he got to that point. I don't know them but in my eyes the chick is crazy.

    And this was such a funny post. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be funny but it was. I like it...and probably couldn't agree more....besides the fact that I was a tad bit lost on who Robin was and never heard that Russian song yet. Maybe I'll go listen now

  5. Damn you the one that slapped the Sh*t outta Charles tho??Haha That sh*t was Funny i did a post on that..but back 2 this post OH NO You Didn' Oh WOW did you just go in like that tho and what he did was Fucked up he beat the shit outta her tho and he only got community service..nope i don't dislike him but i just think what he did was wrong i been a fan of rihanna's before she got her ass whooped..Damn & i like the song Russian Roulette damn this is funny..haha you too upset huh??But anywho love the blog...


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