Good Eats in Beverly Hills...

10/14/2009 07:39:00 PMBriana Latrise

Ok... so my favorite Japanese-ish restaurant in THE WORLD (as far as I knew) was Tokyo Table. I was saddly disappointed one extremely hungry evening when I showed up for happy hour and the doors were locked... Lights out. The fun was done: THEY CLOSED MY JOINT DOWN!!!

So... I had to figure out how to go on with life.

Today, I invited my girl over for some wine and twitter... or chit chat as some call it.

After like THE BOTTLE of Sauvignon Blanc... we decided we were hungry and the cinnamon rolls I had baked weren't doing sh** to fix that so we saddled up and headed to Gyu-Kaku. We were in the mood for Japanese. On the way there I realized I had been there before with an ex-best friend but that was years ago and I was high. Only God knows what I ate that day and whether I liked it or I was just so high that it seemed savory.

Upon arrival the memories returned. It's like a Japanese barbeque type joint where u cook your own food (or order a dish that they cook for you).

FYI: I rarely eat beef. RARELY! I have to either be really drunk or STARVING! So I ordered calamari and the garlic shrimp bowl.. BOMB!!!!! I was in Heaven.
But THEN...

My girl Brianna Fanna convinced my to try her beef. It looked disgusting... it arrived at the table raw and it looked bloody. But as it cooked, I realized the blood red sauce was some kind of special Japanese BBQ sauce... it smelled so damn good I HAD to try...

I did.

Let me tell you... I have been changed.

When you come to LA... you must try it... or look at the website and see if there's one in your area.


With that I say no more...

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