Hmmm... What to blog about... ??????

10/28/2009 01:30:00 AMBriana Latrise

Again. I have little to say.

I have been busy.

I had an episode last night tho. I left the club with a friend of a friend because I didn't want to take a cab. Some how I passed out... which I NEVER DO around strangers. Then I woke up wondering where my shorts and shoes were and y my purse had been searched. All good. If I go to jail for arson... you now know why.

Anyway... I love how light hearted I am right now. I was definitely mad when I realized I had been taken advantage of... but this ain't the first time... so whatever. It's probably karma for something I did in the past. Low key... I wanna know how and why I just blacked out like that. And why my shorts weren't on. It's that time of the month though so someone felt like an asshole I'm sure. That's how I know it didn't go very far. But still...

It's totally ok. I'm just gonna burn his house down. Or the car. I always wanted to light a car on fire so I can watch it go bang. Yeah... the car. Let us hope it's close enough to burn the house down when it blows.


Oh yeah!!!! And I'm still being harassed and hated on the internet. People are stupid. They don't realize that no matter what you say about me, or to me, I'm still getting attention. Losers.... ROTFL.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. weird.. yeah there's definitely predators out here, but in a sense they're not predators as much as they are cowards with boners

    peeps in general gotta be careful i suppose

    das good u got da intanet goin nutz tho'

    *heads to class*

  2. WOW...
    really hope your ok...
    and maybe sum1 tainted your drink...
    Glad Your ok Now...
    You should DEF go for the house!!..
    its worth more...
    and yes this internet hate is getting out of hand..
    but i told you you had more fans then me...

    take care


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