I'm Not Gonna Lie...

10/18/2009 10:00:00 PMBriana Latrise

I had planned on driving out to see my girl (cousin) Kandace one last time... Then taking a trip down to Carlsbad to drive off a cliff. No bullshit. But... Spending the weekend with her fucked it up. If I died, every song we ever liked would make her think of me... I can't have that. So now what do I do? I have little money, nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep... What do I do?

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4 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Is it really that bad? Its a good thing you decided not to drive off that cliff I used to think about killig myself but quickly got over it when I realized I was too pussy to do so lol. You are in my prayers, when I was in the same situation my boyfriend and I sqautted for like a year in this apartment building,It wasnt that bad once we got rid of the mice and got the heat turned on. When the city did come they knew they couldnt kick us out without paying us, they paid a deposit on a new place and gave us a couple of dollars. Its not the best but in this time of financial hardships a lot of people are doing it.

  2. i thought a few blogs ago u said u got married.. so why would u get married and then a few days later drive over a cliff?

    something isn't addin up shawty

    by the way u r the only blog i follow so u better keep doin it even if u die u better be updatin this joint from heaven

  3. "if u die u better be updatin this joint from heaven" ""shawty"" lmao!....

    but just keep ur head up..
    stay away from long drops....(ex cliffs mountains sky scraper ect... )lol just smile n appreciate what u do have....
    and it will get better just bottle up all your worst emotions n let it out on ur music..*think about that when your recording..*
    but just really dont be in the state of mind where u find it ok to escape your life ...
    cuz its not unless its not deadly... cuz thats the wrong escape*i think*
    ... just remember "AND its peaceful *giggles* thats the new shit"-Briana Latrise

  4. LOL @ pooL-boy.

    Clearly you have anger issues, but you mention you're working on them, so just keep trying to improve your mood. Be positive and draw near to GOD. HE won't ignore your efforts, trust me. I agree w/ ChrisdotRivera. Bottle those emotions then release them into your music. Let it come through your throat as you belt out notes...even if it has your voice hoarse by the time you're done.Be patient, be persistent and you'll get somewhere cuz you definitely have the talent.


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