I'm sorry... I feel I must break this down for people...

10/21/2009 10:03:00 AMBriana Latrise


Someone told me the other day that they "Loved" the way I kept the lyrics "simple" in my song "Two Tattoos"... so check it:

I said:
"I'll give you LOVE."
Love is the greatest thing you can give someone. Love is of God... remember that.
"I CAN give you life"
Meaning: should we love each other and want to take it somewhere... I am a woman... I can bear your seed, I will nurture it... your seed is a little piece of YOU...
"I'll give you ANYTHING all the time... I'll give you me, I can give you us"
Meaning: I'd marry you.
"I'll give you EVERYTHING, baby trust."

"I'll give you all of me, and anything you need... and if you want a dream, I'll be your FANTASY"
Meaning: Oh! You like that over there... well I can do that. I can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Just tell me what you need.
"You can call me baby"
Like, it's cool... you can call me anytime.
"Call me Baby"
Like, you can call me your Baby.
"No matter what... I give you love"

2nd verse...
"I can make you _______ soon as you get out of bed."
Use your imagination... originally when I wrote it, it was meant to say breakfast but as we recorded I realized I can do more than that in the AM so... it's whatever.
"You'll get that 'good lovin' before you're even dressed.
You can have it all from the morning till the night,
Or you can give it to me til the night turns to day light..."

Yeah... it's simple... but not as simple as I think people think it is...

The song is like a love letter to someone...

And I kept the title two tattoos because when I finally marry someone I love, WHO LOVES ME... there'll be two tattoos on the ring finger.

Now go to bed.

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