10/06/2009 02:28:00 AMBriana Latrise

I don't care what ur faith is... What u do or do not believe in.... But I have to ask...


If you were Jesus, the Son or.... The daughter... W/e...
Would YOU... Go to Hell in order to save YOUR people from it???

I want answers.

U can do it anonymous. I just wanna know.
If it doesn't allow u to do it anonymously please inform me ASAP... I'll fix it.
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4 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. wow thats a good question...

    ummm idk howd you describe hell...

    i feel earth is hell and if we live a somewhat good life we make it to heaven...and if not we end up back on earth......

    but i guess if hell is just fire n the devil... n im the SON OF GOD... sure id do it

    would you?

  2. nope humans are ungrateful. jesus died for our sins and we pervert everything good like we still want to be in hell.

  3. B! This is flac' Get at me Asap

  4. I think perversion is just the way of the flesh. Our spirits should work to fight that off... but it's hard when your spirit is weak. I honestly, when I was first asked the question I thought I would say yes. Today however I do not know.

    I was once at fifteen asked" If you knew you were the anti-christ would you kill yourself to save people?" I immediately said yes but the guy told me to take time and think about it...


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