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10/08/2009 12:34:00 AMBriana Latrise

I have ALWAYS found it retarded that one must PAY for drinking water. I even find it crazy that there's such a thing as "drinking water". I thought that's what fresh water lakes, rivers and streams were for originally. I used to say that it was the pretty packaging and shipping you paid for but now I think otherwise. Sh** is crazy, Man.

People always feel like whatever they're going through is the most important thing in the world. (I do it too...) In reality, the world is falling apart:
People die in untimely fashions, people are starving EVERYWHERE, while certain families sit upon wealth beyond my imagination.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist... I just knew better than to believe those smile faces on my history teachers when they couldn't answer my questions.

Moving on:
The root of all evil is?

The love of money.

That's right. The LOVE of money.

Check it: the WORLD is run by some really greedy families. Greedy! This country was built on b.s. We are slaves. SLAVES. Still:

Working for low wages unless you sell your soul
Buying into the American dream...

So much more but my head hurts.

Research the Rothschild family. (THEY run this town. And all the other towns... )

I'm nauseous...
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