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10/18/2009 11:13:00 AMBriana Latrise

Ewww... being here makes me remember why I always left. My mother thought it was a good idea to buy a house here in this damn near desolate... ass backwards town called Moreno Valley, CA. Booooo....
Population in July 2008: 190,871 but it had upped 34% from 2000... which was like the year I started high school... so imagine... EVERY black person pretty much knew each other and such. Back then it was very segregated too. You might have known others outside of your race because they lived on your block... but it was rare if you messed with them unless you had to. I had to. Cause I'm hard headed and rebellious. Lol. I went to Canyon Springs High School for all of what? Like, 8 months. I was kicked out... I don't even want to get into how or why... lol.. let's just say I didn't mean for it to hit him... but he never should have called my mom and exaggerated. I hated this town... hated that school... couldn't stand the people and my home life really sucked. The quad area, which is what you see in this picture was like the common grounds. All the cool white kids with money hung out right in the middle, the drama kids to the left in a small dark corner, the jocks and cheerleaders kinda circulated in packs and then all the other kids just hung around trynna be cool. Every day was a freakin fashion show and people sucked. lol. I promise you I was THAT kid. The one who really really HATED the place. I tried to NOT attend as often as possible. When I did go, I missed classes cause I'd be off smoking somewhere, or hiding in a senior's trunk trynna escape campus... or planning escape escapades through the underground tunnel that went from behind the school in a wash area to freedom about a half mile away at the base of some mountains... lol. I had my own little crew of followers. It was like 3 usual girls and then two additional, occasional stragglers. There was me, Briana... (a.k.a. Twixie the caramel cookie faced cracker... sad... think about it...) K1 (she was our smallest but she was the fighter... and she was a popular white girl who just chose to be bad with us... Middle Kid Syndrome...) K2 (she was our whore. She only like black boys and she'd do anything for any reason... or no reason at all... she often came in handy)... we were the core. We also kept this girl C around cause she was a straight weirdo... she would steal anything from ANYONE and she'd often light stuff on fire for distraction purposes. Plus, she had cool stuff cause her parents didn't care about her. She brought me a taser once. I definitely got suspended for tasing RJ Renoso... but he shouldn't have called me a bitch. It was worth seeing him cry. He and his friends used to harass me anyway. They'd ride by my house calling me DIRTY cause of my freckles and cause even though my mom had that stupid freakin house... we didn't have money for shit else so I only had wal-mart clothes and knock off shoes. (Until my dad came back with a bunch of clothes... but the name stuck with me... and since no one had ever seen my dad then I gained the liar title too... I shouldn't have told anyone but f* that. You would have told people if your dad's new fiance was Mary J Blige and you looked up to her since as long as you could remember... especially if you thought people might stop treating you like trailer trash...)
Moving on: the crew used to do wild stuff... for no reason. C set all the freakin bathrooms on fire one day just cause I told her to. I didn't think she'd do it. I shoulda believed her though. She set her hair on fire once in the library to disguise the weed smoke smell... we were retarded... But hey... now look at us: C is a stripper/prostitute, K2 has twin boys by some low life dude that WAS the homie till he got strung out on meth... he's currently in jail... and he's black and her parents were always racist so they don't help her at all. K1 is missing... her parents hopefully sent her to rehab... last I heard of her she had shaved her head like Britney for some dope. That was before Brit did it though. And me... I'm just as homeless as I was back then... same old shit... new toilet... that's all. But um... I guess I'm working on it. People don't understand how hard it is to change what you know.

Seriously... now that I'm back here... trippin down memory lane... I realize I was nuts. Like I was just your average domestic terrorist... I was just a baby with it. But I was destructive, angry, violent, and I had no goals. Plenty of dreams but they seemed so far away I just gave up on them for a while. Me and the boys really used to stand around this gas station all day and night harassing customers and attacking strangers... drinking for free, smoking, and just starting random shhh... It was like land of the fuck ups. The older white boys used to call me the Star Mart Hoody... cause I was there ALL the time. 8pm, 1am, 4am... ALL THE TIME. And I used to pan handle... professionally. But I made money though... it was sad. I should write a movie about it.

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. 1. “or hiding in a senior’s trunk” LOL u mean like trunk of a car? HAHAHAHAH

    2. Black people w/ freckles is kinda hott so I don’t see why they tried to play u on that

    3. When u tased old boy did he look like urkel after a bad experiment?

    4. I’m sorry u guys had a nice house but u had to cop air-ewings and ish

    5. “plenty of dreams but they seemed so far away I just gave up on them for a while” .. Oh boy pool beezie knows this all too well

  2. u kill me with this blog shit. im the kid from san diego who asked about the photo shoot. doubt u remember me, who cares i mean well, so u should not forget me. jus checkin up with u, see how ya doin. how ya situation played out n what not. i still have ur #? so u should know who i am when i txt ya? hmm?
    -mike george

  3. I'm telling you, canyon springs is still the biggest shithole i've ever seen. I had to get the hell out of there. Something about that place is a curse to any good kid who goes there. My first day there i got hotboxed in the C wing bathrooms. I'm shocked that hellhole is still open; considering how many people have tried to shoot the place up, burn down the wash (loved that wash, best place to smoke.) and no matter how many campos they hire, they cant control the gang population for shit. Hell, i used to deal to one of the campos. We should talk sometime.
    Grace, CSHS class of 2011.

    die, cougars


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