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11/18/2009 01:47:00 PMBriana Latrise

Let me just give you some background history...

So yesterday I'm dealing with ex boyfriend drama, plus move-in drama, all while sick as a dog and hungry as hell.

I get a facebook message on my phone about how I need to STOP talking to this boy. The girl says his name and I'm like... WHAT THE F***???

1. I have no boyfriend.
2. No prospects.
3. Only dude I call when I get lonely has no girlfriend. He's too involved in his work so who is this female speaking on?

She tells me his last name and I'm like Oh! Nukka that's like my best friend!!! The last person I expected cause he would have told me he was dating. Right? Whatever. he and I hadn't talked in a while anyway cause he lives in London and them calls get expensive. Plus, last time we talked he was telling me some stuff about myself I just didn't care to hear... so yeah.

So I off top tell the girl YOU CAN'T GO AROUND RESEARCHING YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND'S FRIENDS TRYING TO ELIMINATE THEM FROM HIS LIFE! That's madness. You're a little nutty buddy aren't u?

She gets pissy and calls him crying... (I was on his other phone laughing at him for picking such a winner...) but she tells him he can no longer speak to me. So I get on the phone with his mother and we catch up... then she updates me on the girl and I see how serious the issue is. It's not even funny.

1. She's jealous cause his mom has met me. (What would she do if she found out we prayed together... Oh No! *sarcasm*
2. She's jealous cause I'm hot stuff... duh... why wouldn't she be? (Joking... kinda...)
3. She's a nut.

So today her facebook messages continue and they range from:
"You can have him, I don't want him..."
"He's mine. We're in love and I'm never going away so you must get out of the picture..."

*blank stare*


*long pause*

ok? Was there a picture I didn't know about? Last time I checked he came out to visit on Holiday and we slept in separate rooms. We liked each other for like a month when we first met in London but as soon as I got back to America I realized I'm not the right girl for him. I got too many issues and he's SUCH A GOOD MAN!!!!

So now we're really good friends. So good, that I'm actually sad to say I am disappointed in him. For the FIRST TIME!

He cares about this girl somewhat... but because he sees that she has serious issues within her own life that she hasn't dealt with yet. (Sound familiar? I think he ha a soft spot for girls like us...) But she and I differ. There are too many men in the world for me to be trippin about one I've been with for less than a month. WTF! You don't even live with him, you're not pregnant, and you're not engaged... so... get your shit together.

I could see if I was sending him sexy pictures, or having phone sex with him... or anything sexual at all... but when I tell you we are just friends, I mean that sh*t. He might as well NOT have reproductive organs as far as I'm concerned. Makes no difference to me... I'm still trynna bag my secret celebrity crush so I can do him like he did me when I first met/dated him. Bastard.. but that's another story.

Long story short...
He doesn't want to be with this girl. I know him. He might want a girlfriend... but not her. She's just convenient cause she's around... (I mean she's around like fatal attraction but never the less... she's around). He doesn't want her drama but let's face it: I saw the girl... she's thick as a snicker and her face is cute. It's ain't mine... but for an average Jane... she's cute. Pretty hair... D cups... and she told him she's only had sex once... I saw her hips so I know that's a lie but hey... I tried to bust his bubble and he refused to believe so what can I do? Sad truth... he's a guy... he just wants to hit it and then it's over.

At least we hope...

She's like gum... You can spit it out while you walk... but if you step in it it's just gonna hang around til it finally dies... i mean wears off...

He better remember he's a better Christian than me and NOT get this girl pregnant. I can see it now. I lose all my good guy friends to psychotic spontaneous pregnancies... well temporarily. They always come back once the baby can talk and the mom's proven she's a cheating, lying smut. My American guy bestie is back. With a red headed two year old.

SMH... I try to tell them but I guess it's like your sister warning you. Your sister who you tried to sleep with once and she shut you down and laughed but told you that one day if she hadn't already married Trey Songz she'd settle for you. LMAO...

I need therapy. And Vick's.

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