New York, NY *tears up*

11/08/2009 12:07:00 AMBriana Latrise

So I'm packing up to leave NY. This is always the saddest part of my New York trips. Leaving.

I love this place. I think it's the greatest place on earth. THE GREATEST. The food is the best, the people are the greatest (only cause they ALL have attitudes) and it never stops moving. I don't like quiet. I don't like things being closed when I need them at 3am. Most of all... as much as I love my car... I would love to have the OPTION to hop on a train, hop on a bus, or hop in a cab WHENEVER!

Someone who drinks as much as I do NEEDS that option.

Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson however: I DO NOT NEED TO LEAVE HOME TO GET WORK DONE!!! But i do need to leave to have fun apparently. (And to get fly... the clothes out here are ridiculous!!!! But we all know that NY is fly.)

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