One Tear for the Gunman...

11/01/2009 11:59:00 AMBriana Latrise

So I went to the east side on Halloween (stupid... maybe. But I do a lot of stupid things...) I was taking that lovely dinner I made to a friend of mine cause he said he wants dinner for his bday (which is Nov. 28th but I'll forget so I figured I could just do it early... like paying the rent ahead of time... LMAO)

Anyway... I pull up. I'm confused. There's like 3 parties on the block in this industrial area. I end up paying 15$ to get into the wrong one. When I ask dude for half my money back he tells me there's nothing he can do. I look down and there's a box of cash... I wanted to stab him in the neck with my fork... but I didn't because i love my fork, and right then the police pulled up flashing lights to break up a fight because THAT'S WHAT BLACK PEOPLE DO APPARENTLY! We get together, get drunk and fight each other or have sex in public. SMH... man... Oh yeah... and like, stabbing him would have been wrong... but w/e...

So I head over to the right party. My boy's waiting at the door. I'm pulling up... trying to park and there's this loud mouth female in my way. She's cursing and screaming and yelling at the door ppl from the middle of the street. I'm already upset cause I had plans to be in bed editing photos, watching a movie, then reading til I fell asleep on a full stomach in my pajamas...

So... one of the boys at the door jumps into the street cursing at her so I yell out my window (like a dumb ass) Move! (as I drive towards them...) I will hit u! Boy looks scared... girl sneers just like a doggy... and I gracefully pulla round them bangin Nipsey Hussle's CEO hella loud! I park like an asshole somewhere illegal... oh but the dinner was gone by this point. I forgot to add that I threw it at some 50 something year old biker who kept calling me baby. I kept tellin him I have a Daddy you dusty old bag... and he's younger than you.

Anyway... as I walk up to the door everyone starts running in every direction... you know what that means. Someone's bout to get shot. I don't know why but whenever they start shooting I stand still. All my boys gets mad at me for it but I refuse to run blindly. I wanna know where they coming from! So i turn around and just as I do so the gun comes at me. I was so f*n mad!!!!!! It was like a reflex but I just started screaming at him like a gave birth to him. I begged him to do something with his life and then I shed one tear cause for some reason the whole situation really pained me. Like real pain. Not that oww I stabbed myself pain... but that oh God! My heart! Baby, NO!!! Why??? Why???? You don't even have a reason! What are you doing??? Thinking about it makes my eyes water.

You should have seen the look he gave me. lol. I can't describe it. He looked like he wanted to say something rude but couldn't. He just kept running. Then like a crazed crack head... I started walking after all the boys involved begging them to do something with their lives as well. I've never felt so old, so invisible, so... so afraid for the young people of today. It sucked. I felt kinda like I was in this video by Incubus. Just screaming upon deaf ears.

This image perfectly displays how I felt... they all just kept running around me while I stood there begging them to be about something. Stop being stereotypes.

AND TO ALL THE CREATURES giving me hell about my choice to NOT have my baby... That is why. Because I can't give my baby to strangers so that 18 years later she can knock on my door and ask me why I didn't love her, and I couldn't keep her so that 18 years later I could be a grandmother, or be attending her funeral because I had to raise her in this hell by MYSELF. There are plenty of people who have done it successfully but who knows me better than me? STFU... sit on it and rotate. My baby is better off in Heaven. Plus, I know how angry I am and I know my father... how do you think my daughter would feel without hers?

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. ...sorry, I'm not Darryl but I wanted to ask about your CPR song. I know you put a DL link for Two Tattoos, I was wondering if you'd do the same for CPR cuz I really love the song. [Sorry for asking you this here. I tried to email the address but it didn't work.]

  2. wow thats gangsta Im glad you are okay though. whn most people have a gun in their face they bitch out lmao

  3. you're fine Nash... on twitter ask @chrisdotrivera he has everything available


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