This is F*N Stupid...

11/13/2009 02:06:00 AMBriana Latrise

The homie said he would buy my groceries... he still hasn't done it. Now he's not answering the phone and I have NOTHING in this place cause I spent 30$ on pizza and I need to save what I have for dishes. I coulda just stayed sleeping in my car. I'd be more comfortable and I'd have more money. I hate LA people. They're so full of shit and gull of themselves. I do NOT belong here anymore... really... whatever... at least I get to paint I guess... but I'm having creative blockage issues now. Not cool... not cool at all. Maybe it's cause I'm trying to create in a box. A box wit no light cause the lighting in here sux and they still haven't switched the gas over yet so it's a somewhat chilly box. You know what, everything happens for a reason right? So maybe I'm supposed to starve.
Moving on: I have an audition later today. First one since, FOREVER. I'm not excited. I'm desperate. I need NEED need this money. So let us all pray that I get this roll. If I don't... God knows what I'm about to be up to in order to get it... cause a 9-5 out here won't pay these bills. It just won't. I've done the math.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. damn...just the other day you were excited about your new you're already complaining...
    But it'll be ok. just hang in there ( and don't get used to depending on niggas for groceries)

  2. if your not gonna do what is offered than why bother offering?

    I hate people that play that shit...normally cut them off asap.

    Hang in there though...


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