This one's for Trey...

11/30/2009 12:12:00 AMBriana Latrise

(Not Tremaine you thirsty biyotch... U know who u are... Smh)

Anyway... So I'm at the club (Guys & Dolls) with two of my girls and some of THEIR friends... I assume the "friends" are from the valley as well judging by their accents and outfits. Smh.

My patience is running thin. Its been 45 minutes since we walked up to the door... We JUST now got our table. Still no bottles. Someone stepped on my brand new red Chuck and this bitch to my left won't move the stupid pillow she's sittin on and its all in my rib region. She dressed like your av Cali skank and its sad. Sad! Who are you tryin to impress???? Half the nukkas in here f*n each other in the dark anyway. And the other half have wives, gfs and side bitches, so where do u think u fit in with ur swap meet shoes? Lol. I ned to stop. But getting that out here in my--- hold up. This bitch come at me one more time about her 15$ coat and she's gon' catch this ice bucket to the mouth. No joke. She keeps touching my shoulder like we know each other. But she's doin it with a stank ass undertone...

Like I was sayin... Better here than in somebody's face right. (Wow... Baddest broad in the world just walked by...) And here the valley kids come... I'm going home.
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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. I told you, don't fuck anybody up unless you have to Bri. No problems! Uhm.. Look like you getting a buddy in the club? LOL ; tell her to fall back. That shit seem gay to me. - BTW I'm Trey people, Trevion. Haha

  2. lmao @ swap meet shoes wow every hood is the same! and do ur friends dat u hang with read ur blog? lol hey trey


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