F*** Hollywood...

12/22/2009 11:50:00 PMBriana Latrise

I swear I had Monday and Tuesday ALL mapped out. From the morning until night... What happened?

Well... my cousin came home from Sonoma State for her birthday... I forgot I promised to take her out so Monday evening... I had to go to the studio... (in N. Hollywood by the way) which was a bust cause ppl were NOT on time... then get to Inglewood to pick her up, the meet her home girls. We get to the club and STAND IN LINE for over an hour. I don't ever stand in line for this club... EVER. So i start wondering why right... finally I'm like "Imma buy two bottles! What's good? Table service please." Do you know the door lady whispers to me that one of the promoters said "Your money is no good but I can let you and only you in."????? I was like WTF?????? So I go in with my cousin leaving her homegirls outside. I tell my cousin to wait while I go find the most shallow promoter with the most power to find out what's good. He said "Yeah. I told her not to let your girls in." I said why and he responds, "One of them is fat. You know better than that." I wanted to slap the make up off his face... or hit him with his bottle but it hadn't arrived at the table yet so I just sucked it up and went to the bar. I looked for my cousin... what did she do??? She took her monkey ass outside to be with her girls. I gave up. I text her like ditch them and come back in... tell them you're my cousin and you were already in here. She does and we enjoyed our night... but I still feel bad. Not cause I did anything wrong... I don't think I did... but because I've personally NEVER experienced anything like that and I didn't really know what to do! I mean really... 700$ couldn't get this girl in the club???? For real???? They were letting broke niggas in for free tho!!!!!!! MAN!!!! Smh... we all need to pray for each other.


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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Wow, that's deep. Yeah, prayer is definitely needed.

  2. appearance is important! at least here in the states it is! i know i could stand to hit the gym more often myself.. meh it is what it is


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