Praise Jesus!

12/13/2009 12:54:00 PMBriana Latrise

I promise every time u go to church you hear what you need to.

What I learned today is that salt and sugar may look the same but one, the salt, preserves while the other, sugar, tastes great but breaks things down. It's sweet as candy but does nothing good. It's good for nothing. That being said, God wants you to be the salt of the Earth. Preserve this earth in these crazy times. You can be sweet, but it does nothing for no one besides provide a temporary false sense of satisfaction. So be the salt. Be real. Be true to who you were called to be by God.

I needed this day so Thank You, Jesus.

And I know there's someone out there praying especially hard for me or I wouldn't be here. So Thank You too.

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  1. thas real, sometimes i feel like i can sense when someone is praying for me also..

    and furthermore i feel like i can point them out if i had to also


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