Therapy Session 001

12/14/2009 08:13:00 PMBriana Latrise

So... I'm sitting here at dinner with an ex-bf/homie...

After a margarita, pieces of a football game, talk about first-time concussions and some chips... I realize I need to start discussing some of my issues. When you talk about them, you free them.

My ex-bf/homie and I were making small talk about getting concussions when I realized I NEVER dealt with some seriously f*ed up situations in my life. Ex:
I got my first concussion from a boyfriend. My first "love" actually. And it was such a wack situation I only found out what a concussion was because I ended up in the hopsital after a long night of cursing that resulted in broken brooms sticks, knife wounds, 2 CAT Scans and a MRI. (But I loved him...) They way I found out was great: I told the doctor that lately, before the "incident" I had been having trouble sleeping. I would lay down and it would feel like the world was spinning. But I wasn't drinking, smoking or using drugs. My head would spin so bad, and I'd be so dizzy that I was nauseous and I would just sit up-right in bed and cry silently watching my boyfriend sleep peacefully.
Doc said that meant I had HAD a concussion. I mean as many time as my head had literally gone through a wall, or hit the floor knocking me out in the process, or been elbowed... Yeah. I guess that makes sense.

Now the whole reason I'm speaking on this is... I had an epiphany. This may seem weird but in the past, I always excused those experiences. They were my fault... Blah blah blah... Not his fault... Blah blah... Or just forget that they happened. (I suppress a lot of things till they come back in twitter outbursts through something completely unrelated.)

...I'm now convinced that these margaritas aren't just alcoholic "adult beverages"... They've been laced with truth serum. I'm now going to dismiss myself and get back to my drink with "the homie"...

(He better be glad I type fast sober and lightly buzzed...)

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  1. BROKEN BROOM STICKS.. wow.. thas all i can say


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