Tired as Hell...

12/09/2009 09:54:00 PMBriana Latrise

Someone kinda important to me told me to just stay focused the other day. Since he made me smile and brought me up out of this funky little depression mode I was in... I listened to him. I've been in the studio since. It's never ALL work when you love doing what you're doing... especially when you enjoy the company you're in while doing it so I can't complain. However... I'M SO FREGGIN TIRED ITS STUPID!!! I passed out in a hotel lobby this evening while someone was listening to my music. I couldn't help it. I'm TIRED!!!!

Just thought you'd like to know.

FYI: When I'm tired I'm SuperBitch. So... watch yourself....

then again... when am I not? (Children are exempt... they get passes cause they're CHILDREN!)

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. for you being in the studio so often
    and me only having 6 songs of yours and 1 being 1 minute long.
    i see kinda a issue lol..
    im just kidding i know you will release what you feel appropriate when you feel its time...
    i just wanna hear more ha!..
    hope your doing well, get some rest
    and get some more music out (or send me some on the low lol)..[i wont leak it]..
    lol no pressure just tke care of yourself..
    and idk if i qualify as a child, but ive never witnessed you in "Superbitch" mode except for when it was needed, and then it wasnt even that bad...
    in my opinion your a nice FRIENDLY person(yea i said it get over it lol)..
    but get some sleep, and keep making beautiful art...
    and dont even worry about the haters,
    like think about it, life is better if you ignore the haters..
    and lemme stop before i make this any longer haha

    peace!! and be safe!!

  2. good motto, i agree, i think kids always deserve a ghetto-pass.. i got 2 nephews and i never yell at them or anything i'm so patient with them.. they need that


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