1/14/2010 11:05:00 AMBriana Latrise

Um... HIGHLY AGITATED at the moment. Some randomness has been occurring in my life far too often.

First... I went to Keri Hilson's bday party a while back and a security guard over heard me sharing my contact info with an engineer in the studio right... get this: the lil nigga hits me up like it's not creepy!!! BALLS!
I have to admit I was intrigued so I agreed to meet him at a coffee bean near my place right? But I wore pajamas... mainly cause I didn't give a shit enuff to get dressed... but partially because I was afraid to look good. He might eat people.
So now... because I'm standoffish and the average man wants what he can't have... he's type infatuated... smh.

Anyway... aside from that... I get this random AIM from what must be a near child asking me 21,000 questions... wtf... I sent him google links. That was the kindest way I could think to say... go play on someone else's lawn. I don't like children... smh.

SIDE NOTE: Ha! He says he's 25 by the way... guess he got the hint. I replied: "Thought you were 20." *shrug* 25 is the new 20 anyway apparently.

PLEASE... for the sake of your own security and stability... do not randomly hit me with NOTHING informative, intriguing or intellectually stimulating to say. Please. And if you typing... spellcheck. Cause I WILL press you about misspelled words.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. "I was afraid to look good. He might eat people." <-----lmao I love it, I respect it tho.

  2. cool stuff i guess when u are popular/cute/desireable u have to weed people out somehow.. makes sense..

    but yeah dude should have just approached u instead of jottin down ur info on the low


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