1/07/2010 11:25:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm trying to stay productive. I was painting most of the day. But now there are people in my creative space. I'm allowing them to use it for a moment to make a beat I guess...

I hear no beat making but... Then again, I'm in my room alone. In bed, attempting to write a song. It's not going so well seeing as how I'm listening to K-Os loud as hell and the only light in here is a black light. But... W/e. I did write a long ass poem about the world as I see it. You may never hear/read it tho. I fear the govn't, or them crazy white people who own the money... And essentially the country... They'll probably start watching me closely. Not that it's a problem... Yet. But who knows. I may be drunk one day and say the wrong thing to the right person and end up wit a fast, fatal hole in my hear. Then again... That's doesn't sound bad at all compared to my ideas on the future.

Anyhoosure... (That's pronounced: any-WHOO-shur):::

"" - K-Os

So, speaking of Briana's drunkeness... Someone called me a functional alcoholic yesterday. And the day before someone I actually care about called me an addict. Smh. What the hell now? What do I do now? I been to NA and AA... They didn't work for me. Too corny. And... Its really hard. Wine is so cheap and tasty. I don't drink it to get drunk. I drink it cause it's tasty and I'm thirsty. And it feels right at parties and gatherings. Or rooms with more than 2 people in them. Sometimes rooms with more than me in them. It's like social lubricant. I might not be an alcoholic!!! Maybe! Maybe... Maybe I'm just a tad anti-social and I just forgot cause I spent a lot of time in public and had to deal with people. Lol. Or... Maybe I'm in denial.

Maybe I don't even care. Maybe I'm as happy as I'm ever gonna be. I paint, write music and take pictures all day long. I have a cat... She's often more than enough company.

Maybe I need a band. Then I could sing and write about what I want...

Are there still uncharted islands? I need one. Oh!!! Maybe I should go to Hawaii on the 12th and just get lost.

Sounds good to me...

***my thoughts... I think too much... Too fast***
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  1. i have never had alcohol before however i have a coffee addiction.. sounds ridiculous, it is ridiculous, i decided to give it up today.. in my estimation, its not about giving something up, its more about actively replacing it with something healthier


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