"God's Gift Did This"

2/03/2010 01:41:00 PMBriana Latrise

Apparently I need to start "pimping" my art out so I can survive in this world. How the fuck does that work? I promise you... I love this life and I appreciate my blessings but it's NOT awesome that I must sell the things that I find therapeutic for low prices just to eat. That's absolutely ridiculous. I'd honestly rather solicit sexual favors than sell my soul for a low price. Don't get me wrong... you got money and you understand what my piece represents? You can get it. & I want rich art connoisseurs looking at my work. That means I have to finish it but peep game tho, I can't finish it if I sell the pieces for the low!!!! Half the offers I get aren't even enough to cover the cost of the canvas alone!!! Not to mention re-uppin on oil paints and brushes and paint thinner and oil and whatever else I need! This is fucking oil paint! Go do some research on what a 20 x 24 inch canvas costs. Now add the oils paint costs and THEN put a price on love, passion, emotion, and self-taught skill! Can you do that? I need a fuckin manager but the best one I know is too busy for me. See: Bullshit. My dad told me that if I don't get it together I will end up like Bastiat. At this point... I could care less. Don't fuck with my artistic integrity.

20x24 oil on Canvas

In this painting that I titled "God's Gift Did This"... if I hadn't painted it the day the event that inspired it took place... I'd be a wreck right now. I was so traumatized by the event I actually wrote a song about it too. I would play it for you but... it needs to be mixed something fierce!!! I guess I can give you a snippet.

My point is... this is now not only the fastest oil painting I've ever completed... it's the ONLY oil piece I appreciate enough to sign and date and hang immediately. The others I find flaws in. I guess I can sell those but, because I myself see flaws they'd be cheaper... they're just not finished. This one I can't let go for cheap. I really can't...

Wait! So my best friend is here right... I love her! She just helped me develop a way to calculate the price. Cost of supplies + how much I love it. lol... You're all screwed now...

For "God's Gift Did This" I would charge ANYONE (friends, family, & strangers alike): $350 or ₤220 (Is that really so bad? Then why can't I sell any at the price I want? This ain't the swap meet or the flea market... and it ain't 125 & Broadway on a saturday afternoon nukka! You can't haggle with me!

Acrylic on Canvas


I dreamt that I was at Trey Songz's house last night. I got there and was welcome enough to be there but he had an attitude about it. I had my pet rabbit and tortoise with me. Weird. He was throwing a party and getting ready for it all day so some girls showed up to rehearse for their performance at his shin dig later. Some one in the room, some man, was trying to get to know my by talking to me and asking me questions about my art work and it pissed Trey Songz off so he yelled at us to be quiet. I got deeply offended and went into another room. Shortly after I gathered my things and my rabbit and left. I forgot my tortoise so I came back looking for it and was reminded that I was homeless.... don't remember what else happened. Wanna know WHAT the FUDGE that dream meant. SMH...

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