Jesus PLEASE!!!!!!

2/28/2010 10:00:00 PMBriana Latrise

Forgive me Jesus, I need you more than ever right now. Just please give me the strength no NOT choke slam this big b**** and tell her ALL about herself...

***I mean really. She's only got one more time to say some slick shit before I check her. Whether her son's here or not. What kind of mother just lets her baby run around an apartment touching people's stuff anyway? That's just crazy to me. I can't take this...

No lie... I shoulda checked ol' girl when she walked through the door for the second time but I gave her a pass cause she couldn't understand why I was in bitch mode when she first pulled up... but that was just cause I think her nigga is the CORNIEST NIGGA ALIVE!!! He talks out the side of his neck and then tries to slip stupid shit in there like "I'm not Charles." Nigga! I know that... that's y white people made weapons... lol.... (I'm so ignorant it's ridiculous!!!! lol!!!!) Anyway... She came in lookin at me like I did something wrong... BITCH. I DO NOT WANT YOUR MAN. HE'S A LOSER! HE HAD A BABY WITH YOU!

Moving on: (I miss blogging... it kinda helps keep me from spazzin on ppl in public)
I'm also irritated cause she had the nerve to say some wild shit like to the home boy sayin her man, him and I could get it. I was like I'm soooooo f*n glad I wasn't there for that one. I need somewhere to displace my anger... don't get me started. Please... just please don't. Cause I really wanna rip heads off for the little things these days... & i don't see myself with much of a future at this point just cause of how shit's lookin so... watch ya step.

Smh... big bitches always think they gon' win. They forget they fall harder. She side eye me again and Imma be like "yeah... I'm cute. I know... and thank you... but I STILL don't want your man. I really wish he didn't come around so much. You should probably ask yourself what you're doing wrong... cause... yeah... "

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