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2/10/2010 10:48:00 AMBriana Latrise

I'm on the phone with my dude Name Brand... (ill artist... FYI) and we're discussing artist's relationships.
He laughed at me early on in this conversation because I was venting about one of my music buddy's cupcake issues. He'll blow off working on this music, which is supposedly for his first love, for his wife. Forgive me if our opinions differ but... NIGGA! You sleep with her every night, see her every morning, and talk to her on the phone all f*n day... how do u need MORE time with this woman?
So Name Brand and I ended up at this point in the conversation:
Me: I disapprove when my Boys get girlfriends and what not while they're supposedly building their careers. Them girl NEVER seem to understand what it is to properly support a man with a dream... nor do they recognize my role in his life. I DO NOT WANT YOUR MAN HONEY! I can definitely find my own. I don't need one.
NB: *laughs* Well you know how it is...

I don't know. I don't know how it is my G. I do not understand how you can say you love someone and then selfishly stand in the way of their progress. If you wanna be involved with an artist as their significant other... and you want to really spend time with them... start their fuckin street team. Help them promote... help them stay focused... help them succeed. You know? I don't get all that other shit. As far as marriage goes: YOU HAVE A LIFETIME BOND WITH THIS PERSON... IF YOU STILL NEED TO CUDDLE EVERY F*N DAY. your life sucks. Maybe I'm insensitive... but I'm fuckin hungry! I'm starving! I REFUSE to do anything else with my life because I don't see why God would give me the self-taught talents and gifts he has bestowed upon me if I weren't supposed to utilize them to the best of my abilities consistently... & grow with them!


Look... Artists are special needs lovers. We don't need you to be around all day every day to appreciate you. In some cases, we will NEVER appreciate you the way you want to be appreciated... we're already in long lasting, and in most cases fulfilling, love with our arts. We need supporters. We fall off at times... you should be there to help us get up... We have self doubt at times... you should be there to reassure... You're probably an inspiration... so stay who you were when we met... for the most part...


I don't have the energy for this. Just know that if you decide you want to be in a relationship with someone I decide to work with and you can't understand what I said above or what it's like to have to wait for that someone you desire to work with to stop putting this ART on hold for LUST and whatever else you couples go through... Imma be ur worst nightmare. No joke. I'm only askin for a few hours to get the job done!


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