Stupid Dream just now...

2/06/2010 01:18:00 AMBriana Latrise

So I dreamt that my dad, Mary and I were going to go watch a movie and I was soooo excited. I went to grab us a seat even though we had a private room. I put my stuff down and went back to the "snack shack" and by the time I got there Mary was purchasing her snacks but the damn gate was closed on the rest of them so I was left to ONLY buy a twix ice cream bar... (which is incidentally my favorite ice cream... BUT SO WHAT!!!! I wanted so much more!)
Anyway... The whole time I'm thinking we're going to watch this funny movie so as we get to the door I get excited and start acting a scene in the movie out. My dad looks at me like I'm a lil slow and asks me why I'm crying. I told him "duh! it's a scene in the film!" He says no... we're gonna see "Black Cancer"... (some movie starring Westley Snipes where he chases a vagina around cause its spreading cancer.)

Then after the movies...
I'm at some random place in the future (I guess) that looks like a dump but with lots of gates and weird stuff on the left and on the right canons... HUGE canons at the edge of a cliff. This lady starts telling me that they haven't been used in a while but the law was just passed to reinstate death by catapult as the death penalty "again". She also said it's better because it's more painful.


I wanna go back to sleep but I'm afraid to...

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  1. Damn mah its lannie. long time no see. Hit me up when u get a chance. 213 3817564


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