There's Nothing Like Clean Bed Sheets...

2/09/2010 01:13:00 AMBriana Latrise

He says to me, "I feel like a nomad" with a negative tone to it. Like that's a bad thing.
Puhh.. I suck my teeth and shake my head at that. Sweet Love, I deemed myself BRIANA LATRISE ISAACS: Nomad Warrior Princess ten years ago when I first started walking the streets in search of "home". On that same note: Why is being a "Nomad" even a negative anything to him and/or potentially other people? I have come to embrace my nomadic ways in these past 23 years. I see new places, meet new people, learn new skills and ways to live... I think it's beautiful, honestly. It can be rough on you at times... like when you have no choice but to move. However, I feel that most cultures [specifically those, if you can call them such, found in industrialized countries need to get around more. It's terrible to me when I meet a person born and raised in Compton who's never seen Hollywood. WHAT???? It's like a 15 minute drive so long as you know how to maneuver around these streets and this disgusting traffic (for which I blame tourists, foreigners and most of all negligent, selfish drivers who probably get high on valium and drive slow to avoid their hum drum boring lives where they repeat each day like that stupid movie bout a gofer day or some shit. Oh... right... Groundhog Day. Lame... anyway... ]
So... I'm sitting here thinking... I should resurrect the Nomad Warrior Princess in me. I miss her. She was fearless, adventurous, creative and resourceful. She was courageous an bold... I guess I'm still her in some ways... however... the newest version of Briana Latrise Isaacs is a watered down version of what once was. Now I'm concerned about my future... and finances and stability. The nomad warrior princess just lived. I guess a healthy balance of the two would be ideal... but if I was a healthy balance of anything I wouldn't get into half the shit I get into or paint what I paint, sing what I sing, or just be me for that matter...

Now I'm confused.

Whatever. *Shrugs* These clean ass snuggly soft and oh-so-good smellin' sheets are amazing right now. I guess the Nomad in me can wait til life gives me a reason to bring her out again. I'm cool with that as long as the 99 cent store keeps my Care Bear dryer sheets in stock. If only you could smell this sweet smelling goodness!!!!

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