3/23/2010 01:54:00 PMBriana Latrise

I feel sooooo much better today!!! SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I woke up to the sexiest BBM ever! and then... made money... doing a lot but very little all at the same time. My cat's not sick anymore... she total----- wait... I sound like the most loserish loser of all time! I need to stop:

So moving on::: I'm def bored. Obviously. My new hustle requires that I do nothing. Just paint, write movies here and there, poetry... basically live like a talented rich kid (without the financing... at least not yet). My car got jacked by the police again so I can't make too many moves right about now... smh. All good tho. All I need is internet access (preferably through my phone) and life is freakin great!!! I'm bout to be stankin' rich without the scent and it feels good.

Grandpa I love you! You're my favorite father EVER!!!! He calls me just to make sure I'm alive and that's all I ask of him. That's how I know he loves me. he truly cares. It's crazy to me how rich (popular) people don't have time to care but they have the means to help you out... yet others have all the heart in the world and no finances... smh...

I'm still on this screw the monetary system kick at heart... but I figure in order to beat the game you got to play it... right? So my whole goal in life right now... is to learn to make money legitimately... then master it. The rest of the plan I am not at liberty to reveal right now... but you'll find out in due time... unless someone does me like Tupac.

Peace and love to all you innocent bystanders. Fuck you to the Fuck Niggas, but it's still all love tho!

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